Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Short stories of a short girl.

1) been ousted out of my room, again. This is my third time in 3 different houses with 3 different roommates have I been kicked out of my room for reasons I cannot fathom. This time I got a note left on my dresser saying she wants the room to herself starting January and sumthing involving doors being closed and such. But since it’s the 3rd time, then it must be me, right? Its also due to the fact that I’m always the later person to rent the room hence giving the other roommate the power to oust the other one if it pleases her so. Cos she got there first. Well its horrible, this kind of things used to make me cry and hyper psycho mad and angry but I’ve vowed to myself to…..

2) DO THE ASRI! DO THE ASRI!!! Asri is my good friend Rozarina’s boyfriend who was also my classmate in UiTM. He is this dude who is sooooo cool, x pernah marah, never shaken or stirred in no matter what dire situation he is in. Seriously, nothing ever bothers this guy. He can be in totally deep shit and still not loose his cool. No he is not blur. That’s the way he deals with things. Nothing is ever bad enough or worse enough. And he’s doing really well in this ugly industry called the creative industry. With evil clients, cruel bosses, impossible datelines and outrageous working hours….. he just sticks to it and he’s okayla. He just got promoted and is earning quite best compared to some of my compatriots, including me. And this is in a company that’s quite mmm how do u say it? Teruklaaaaa……

3) I’ve got some “friends” who says I’m too “tension” in my studies. Well, this time, I’m gonna DO THE ASRI and not let ANYTHING bother me much less break me. I’m not gonna break down and cry over some silly thing that went wrong. I broke my back last semester and my results weren’t half as good as some of my classmates. This time I’m gonna enjoy the ride and not give a damn bout whoever who has got whatever to say and just SMILE. Smile, laugh and brush it off. Life goes on. Ive learnt that people can be really spiteful and try to hurt you for no apparent reason. No matter where I go, I always meet these cold mean creatures who don’t seem to think that one good turn deserves another or that bad deeds get punished sooner or later.

4) “I will be optimistic to the point of annoying especially to the people who think it’s cool to be cold and cynical.” Partly taking the line from Yasmin Ahmad who has had her share of orang dengki and iri hati. So will I. I will not wallow in sadness, even more in revenge. God is Maha Adil. Everything will come full circle.

5) The meaning of IRINA HARIATI as I googled has roots frm greek and Russian. Irina means peaceful. Hariati coming frm harriet means ruler of home. Or if considering Hariati frm its Arabic roots would be hayat or life. So basically my name means peaceful ruler of home or peaceful Life. HAHA. My mom said no wonder la I like to stay home and do nothing…. Shafik Afendi means the compassionate noble. Okayla tu…. Suite what?

6) Engagements, marriage and babies. Last Sunday, Shafik’s younger sister Anis got engaged to this nice guy who looks like Andy frm Flop Poppy. (peace, anis! He really does tho, better a bit la….) Congratulations! Yesterday me went with shafik, rafiqa and jumy to their friend’s wedding in Hulu Langat. Seems like everyone’s getting married. Who says divorce rates are higher than marriage rates? I beg to differ. From the persiaran kayangan to my hse in Shah Alam (very short distance la), I counted at least 9 signages for weddings!!! That was only yesterday! And my lecturer kesayangan Puan Siti Raba’ah AKA Babe has selamat melahirkan a healthy baby boy named Ungku Dean Iskandar yesterday morning at UH. Am happy for all you folks!

7) As much as I’m happy for everyone’s happiness in menjalani hidup berkeluarga or bakal, I’m not really in a rush to start mine. Shafik, I heard your “tarik nafas lega”….. Haha. I’m not ready to be a good wife better still a good mom, yet. Partly because of the marriage failures around me and somehow except for very very few, these couples who got married don’t look or seem as happy as they were before marriage. Like marriage just ruined everything. One moment they were happy, they got married then – BAM!!!! Everything comes crashing down. I’m happy at the state I’m in rite now. If not for the fact that I have to get married before I can have sex and babies or I’ll burn in hell, I’d much rather stay this way than get married. Show me at least 10 couples who are HAPPILY married for the past 10 years then maybe that’ll restore my faith in the marriage institution.

8) That is also the reason I’m working my ass off to save money as much as possible. That is so I can get my own house and car and a BIG savings account with lifetime insurance. I’m gonna have my own harta so if my husband leaves me I’ll be alive and kicking. I don’t see myself doing the Olin thing, though I’m sure its really great. So far I have no debts, tho I may not earn much I’m much more senang than people with debt around their waist. Hopefully it stays that way. A bit of advice to my friends, save first then try to live with whats left, not the other way round. If you try to save with whatever you have extra, chances are you wont have any savings. AND get insurance, a little every month goes A LONG way.

9) Aku toye cam Hermione Granger. But hey, I have Harry and Ron for frens. (you know who you are) So no matter what challenges lie ahead or how many people try to make me small, I’ll be ok. As long as there is family. As long as there is faith. As long as there are friends. As long as I have love. I think I’ll be fine. Short or otherwise.

Monday, November 27, 2006

malacca roadtrip - wedding adel

Irin - Pada hari ini, kami, irin, enol, eni dan pie pergi roadtrip ke Melaka untuk mengahdiri perkahwinan rakan sekolah kami di TKC dulu iaitu Rose Adeline Aman. Originally enol was supposed to drive, bt the car taknak start and me n eni were watching high school musical n half ingat tak jadi pegi when miss pie said she’ll drive so of we go.

Pie – bidan terjun yg tetibe pergi je..tak tau kene ajak ke tak..hehe..tp takpe..food sedap…sgt kenyang..hmm..what else..suppose jumpe achort n toot tp tak jadi sbb depa jauh kat Bandar melaka n adel kahwin kat masjid tanah..:(,,tak jumpe achort my chatting mate..hehe…and lagi satu aku sorang je budak green….baru perasan sume budak blue…..tp takpe…best gak..gi jln umah kahwin jauh2 ni sklai skali…oklah…irin suruh tulis nie..…sume mat rempit boleh pegi mati..haha..tgh geram ngan mat rempit n we all tgh tgk berita mandartin psl mat rempit…n yup…I HATE MAT REMPITTTT….

Enol – now lepaking at rumah eni n irin. Bangun pagi memang bersemangat nak pergi, tapi masa tengah check kereta, tetibe… hampeh… tapi, nasib baiklah, “angel from ampang” a.k.a pie telah datang menyelamatkan keadaan! Horay!! So… apa lagi kami pun memulakan perjalanan ke MELAKAAA!! After 8 years, akhirnya dapat jugak jumpa dengan adel yang nampaknya sangat happy dan berseri di atas pelamin. CONGRATS ADEL! Semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu!

Eni - Hmm…the trip was fun! Eventho ada la ujan sket2.. plus aku tak drive pun.. thanx to pie! Aku,erine dan enol sume tak reti drive manual.. warghh..bile le nak ade keta sndri. Hehe.. lesen pon baru nak amek. Haa..d wedding memang best. food dia sedap esp kerabu die.. and yg tak tahan tu adala pulak pacik2 pegi layan karaoke.. lagu Hindustan pon ade. Hahaha.. nway, congrats to adel! Cantek sgt dengan songket tampuk manggis dia…Bestnye dah kawen ☺

Irin - I love it. I like having company. So with my friends here, I sukela nk suruh dierang nyampuk. Lively sket. Skang tgh makan nasi goring dr satu mangkuk sbb kami malas basuh pinggan, haha. I hate Mondays. Spending weekends wit people yg best makes it bearable. Satu benda yg aku rase agak kelakar adalah throughout the journey kitorang dengar cd Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical n well there’s Melaka in it and we’re goin to Melaka. Okla takdela klaka mane bt I thot it was funny at the time.

Enol - Huahahahahaa (kelakarnyeee.. hehehe) Nih enol menyampuk semula… anyway, rumah-rumah melayu kat melaka memang cantik-cantik, laman luas dan berbunga-bunga. Hmm.. teringin nye nak rumah macam tuh. Oh ye.. saya juga suka berkumpul dengan kawan-kawan.. sayang diorang! Now kami tengah makan nasi goreng yang too masin with side dish nugget and keropok amplang. Lets enjoy this happy time enol!!! HUahahahahah!

Irin – am happy. Life is good. Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A year from now, my goal is to graduate my masters at the top of my class with a thesis and product that will be beneficial to the art and design industry. I hope to be able to produce a Malaysian Art&Design resource. In the future it will grow into a full portal, database archive on the Malaysia Art and Design Scene. Somewhere after, it will be endorsed by wREGA or even have its own body that can give awards to local artistes and designers. Much like what AIGA has done in the US. It will be a vast collection on local artworks for the world to see. Ameen.

After graduation, I will embark on a couple of long term projects with my trusted friends.

1) Project t-shirt – to design, produce and unleash t-shirts that everyone considers a must item in their wardrobe like Levi’s jeans.

2) Project wedding – to provide one of a kind, personalized, customized, specially tailored wedding experience to brides and grooms and their respective families that makes them feel ultimate BEST SANGAT2.

3) Project buku – To design, produce and get it published. Books by Enol. Compilation of project Malaysia by Odisi Odah and Ironi Irina. Pictorial essays.

4) Project mykedaialattulis – To design and produce a collection of thematic personified line of stationeries and paper products.

5) Project HappyPoster – (cant tell you bout this, its copyrighted)

6) Project WannabeWanZaleha - To audition for the position of English newscaster on Media Prima.

7) Project Dance - To secretly enroll in Akademi Seni Kebangsaan Diploma Seni Tari.

8) Project KedaiMakan – To start on my kedai makan with Bapak.

That’ll keep me busy for a long time. Am not sure in what order will it be done or for how long a time. But I know its what I wanna do next. I know it’ll need a lot of effort and cash. I’m all heart. As Shafik Afendi always say, “GO SAJE…!!” It will be crazy. Many will oppose. Few will support. A lot of heartbreaks, tantrums and upsets will happen. Friends will fall out. Families will argue. Lovers will spat. Uncountable losses. But hey, it aint over till the fat lady sings. And I’m gonna sing it with all my heart. The journey will be a rough one but it’s definitely worthwhile. Going through it all will hopefully make me a better person and servant of God.

Through the journey I hope to help as many people I could to explore their potential and expand the horizons of their mind and heart. I’ve read and experience a lot to believe entirely that the only way to happiness is to help others without asking for any return. Total selflessness. It’s funny that most times it’s looked upon skeptically like I have some hidden agenda. My simple rule in life. Do unto others how you would want to be done to you and do not unto others how you would not like to be done to you. What goes around comes around. God is Maha Adil. I want to help as many people I could even in little ways. Like the mafia y’know, “ I do you a favour, you do me a favour” though not exactly in that context la. I try my bestla. Bt I’m only human maa, I always do stupid things one. I say I’m sorry, I’ll sure do it again. Be nice and hold no grudges. Life is better that way.

By the age of 35, I’ll have a couple of businesses. My own house. My own car and my own piggy bank. A loving family and diehard friends. Anda mampu memiliki semuanya (line sendayu tinggi, pinjam) I don’t know really how I’m gonna do all of this. I got a feeling I’m about to find out. (Dr Kamy, pinjam your phrase ah?).

Insya Allah. Ameen.

Monday, November 13, 2006

HAhaaaa…… had a good relaxing weekend. Went for my boss punye open hse. Eventhough hujan lebat macam hape, bt the kambing panggang made my day. Been craving for roast lamb for quite sumtime. Now am looking for good place to eat tempura. Any ideas anyone?

Its been a good week. Had my design picked for Kejohanan Bola Piala MB Selangor. I’m gonna have my first billboard!!! YAY!!!! Jakun gila siot!! And the logo is going to be permanent for the years to come. Bestnyee perasaan! Sorilaa guys, I get excited everytime my work gets published. Eventho. Sometimes the design may kena kutuk ngan golongan professional in the creative industry but it feels good nonetheless, when your work gets to be in the public eye. (Kecoh giler la minah designer sorang ni.)

Hey, bt dats a sign of some1 who loves what she does and has passion in her work tau. Biarpun a small insignificant job, I’ll do my best. I have been told many discouraging things in the past by people in the industry. Ade yang cakap I takde passion in my work. Ade yang cakap my design ketinggalan zaman, tak dynamic…. Bykla lg. When 1 party likes the design, the other party says its horrendous. Biasala tu. You cant please everybody. What’s important is to just keep on swimming and keep on producing good work and be open to learning frm anyone, everyone and everything. Sometimes, its hard to listen to others, I am degil myself, bt give it a while to sink in then I’ll see the light of the matter.

Cita cita dulu nk jd creative director in advertising. Had an interview once kt Leo Burnett bt for the post of malay copywriter. My BM is hampeh bt I went anyway for the oppoturnity. I showed my work to Ali Muhammad and ade yg die suke ade yg tak. Bt not enough to convince him to hire me as a designer. Sedih jugak bt then dh not meant to be. I’m not good enough – YET. Everytime I see a good piece of work I get jealous cos I wish I’d be able to think like that. I hoped it was my work. To work in advertising, you’d have no life. You eat sleep live in the office. N dat way of life wont make me happy or my parents happy.

The creative industry is one dat doesn’t end after office hours. It extends beyond that. There are bt a few yang ikut office hours bt even then, you’d have to bring work home. The more big jobs you take up, the more money you make, the more work you have to do, the more of life you have to sacrifice. Dependsla, nk buat duit byk ke tak. Thing is, money is not my motivation. I just want to experience producing a great piece of work. 1 that touch people’s lives in ways you cant really measure.

I want to have a body of work that will contribute some meaning to the design industry in Malaysia. Like increase awareness of the importance of design in business. In engineering. When people start understanding the role design can play in developing every industry, products will be better, sales will increase, economy will flourish (then perhaps they’ll pay designers better too). The design profession is a profession like any other profession. A designer is a professional. You need skills and knowledge to be a designer. Not just because you were an art student in high school it automatically means you are a designer. Anyone and everyone can design. It is a human activity much like eating and drinking. But to be a good designer, you need more than artistic merit. Creativity is a way of thinking. Design is more about what you can do with your head than what you do with your hands. I am a designer bukan sebab I pandai lukis, drawing is something I learn in Uni. Anyone can learn it. I am a designer because I like the creative process of coming up with ideas for every different thing.

There are times you have to design for Islamic events. Ade time for a sports event. Most times for a new company, a bakery say. A website selling cigars. An annual report for a nuclear research plant. It can be anything and everything. Design is a language. A visual language. So to speak to different people you use different way of speaking. Like a person la. To talk to a VIP, you dress proper, you speak professionally, you send in someone like Wan Zaleha. To talk to the masses, to the makcik makcik so they buy your sabun basuh pinggan, u speak a language they understand, some 1 they like – send in Chef Wan ke.

So for every different job that I get, I get to think of how best to reach their target audience. Be it VIPs, makciks, nerds or rockers. Hip hoppers or jocks, desperate housewives or young wannabes. Suitability and versatility is core. It may be a nice design but if the people you intend the design for think its crap, then crap it is. You nk ckp diorang tak blajar design ke hape ke. They’re the masses, who are you?

Kalau creative industry boleh jadi icon, I think it should be Madonna. You have to be a chameleon and constantly reinvent yourself all the time. You have to be ahead of time but still relevant to the current.

Somewhere in the near future I hope, Malaysia could be the design capital of this part of the world at least. Much like what Ikea is for Sweden, Sony for Japan, Mac for the US, Nokia for Finland or even Disney for the world. I’m sure the designers of Malaysia have their own brand of unique creativity they could bring to design that differs from other parts of the world. It’s not far now. I’ve met a lot of talented designers and I notice a lot of good designs lately. The bus express during balik raya look better, some good packaging for krepek, logos like JKJR… (here’s crossing my fingers for perhaps better signages….)

So far I think our fine artist are doing well internationally, our fashion designers are on par with those in other countries, industrial design have very bright talents, I don’t know much about the ceramic and fine metal development though. Our textiles are being recognized. Our films and ads win awards. Graphic design is really a wide mmm bahagian of design. And apparently the most misunderstood as well.

I’ve been asked many times. “What exactly does a graphic designer do? Lukis lukis?” As much as it irks me to be looked upon like some kind of kuman with no real job, I try my best to explain nicely. I try hard not to get carried away with my “Design can save the world” lecture. A lot of people are still clueless. Some still think it is ART therefore not important and can’t be called a career. Boo Hoo.

So hopefully, this reaches a wider audience. For more details and endless trivia or questions on design. Send me a comment or msg. I am not an acclaimed expert on design but I do love what I do and am still constantly learning to better myself. Roll me ur opinions, suggestions even criticism…. I may be in denial at first but hey, once you’ve heard it, you can’t really get it out of ur head can you?
Tell me if this isn’t bliss.

It’s raining heavily outside, got my tummy stuffed with roast lamb, listening to Norah Jones (my sis nani calls it lagu2 tido) and blogging while lying on my bed. Bestnyerrrr….!!! Relaxing on a Saturday without a care in the world. This is sooooo good. I really got to get one of these babies, iBook I mean.

Ni without internet ni, kalau ade fuh, layaannn… Boleh google images… yup, dat’s 1 of activity yg best untuk relief kerja. Search google images for pics yang cecantik2 and kumpul, then buat collage… suke gile!! I’ve been doing it for so long. Dulu mase skolah2 used to do it on my desk with cutouts from mags and papers. Combine the pics with caption yang best2. I was born to be a graphic designer hahaaaa….. Its like a motivational poster laaa, plus its personal, I can relate to the images and captions. Memang memberi prasaan yg best.

Maybe sumtime soon I’ll upload some of my collages. Norah Jones is 1 singer I love to listen to time2 hujan. Berangan gile. Other rainy day songs, are like sarah mclachlan and joni Mitchell. To me its has a soothing slightly melancholic touch which feels like when you’re selubung in your comforter mase kt luar sejuk gile and you’re all warm and fuzzy and ade bau raindrops and coffee. If I could visualize it, die mcm iklan Nescafe yg ade Nasha Aziz blk rumah lps hujan, ade baju2 putih flowing kena tiup angin kt ampaian, ade kucing masuk pintu, bunyi kettle masak air, Nasha lap rambut tgh pakai bathrobe, die buat secawan Nescafe, asap air panas kuar dr mug, duduk atas couch yg comfy and enjoying coffee. Rumah die mcm rumah kedai lame2 dulu yg tingkap die cam pintu. That’s one of my favourite iklan forever. It gave me a really feel good feeling. That was an ideal scene of what I enjoy.

“if I were a painter, I would paint my reverie……..” –norah jones

I love music that gives me a certain feeling, a mood and tells a story. I hope in the future I’d be able to wire my whole house so I could listen to music in the bath, the kitchen, the bedroom, everywhere….! Kalau lg gempak, the songs are classified by mood and ade sensor yg boleh sense the mood I’m in and play the music accordingly. Like Alanis time tgh marah, rushing, busy. Pussycat dolls, sean paul for sexy dance sessions. N sync or bsb for time buat keje mengemas. Eric Clapton for sad bt happy times, craig david and sugababes time yg rase cool, josh groban to lift my spirits. Old skool rock time time aggressive and frust. Ella for tringat zaman kanak2. Sheila majid for lounging times. TLC for groove…. Byk lglaa…

There are certain songs for certain situations. Sometimes the song plays in my head. Like a sountrack to your life. Someone get me an iPod la 4 my birthday. I think I shud be a spokesperson la for Mac. Haha.

“when ur song is done, will the love be gone?” – sugababes

enol menyampuk:

Certain songs sangat kuat kesannya dalam my life, they mark special chapters or episodes of my life. Macam penanda-penanda buku yang kalau ditarik keluar dari buku, automatically akan membawa saya ke suatu masa atau peristiwa, mengalami, menikmati semula emosi atau perasaan saya ketika itu.


“Save Tonight” Lenny Kravits ( tak sure spelling die camne )
malam akhir sekolah, last day SPM, semua orang tengah giler-giler tahap max, lepak and menyanyi atas bumbung, jalan-jalan atas gajah menyusu dan sebagainya… aku tengah tengok irin packing kat room die, and tetibe lagu ni keluar kat radio. So, sampai sekarang kalau dengar lagu nih mesti teringat saat tuh.. lagu nih menggambarkan exactly macam mana aku tgh rasa pada masa tuh… dan kebetulan keluar pula pada masa yang sangat tepat;

save tonight
and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow, tomorrow I’d be gone.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Have just finished hand washing 16 pieces of bra. Am on the verge of doing some design for work, I decide to pre-blog instead. Pre-blog means I type it in Microsoft Word first before I publish it. This is because I hve no internet connection outside of work. I happen to have my office iBook wit me so I’m thinking… go blog girl!

Sometimes I never publish my pre-blogs, some I’ve done on paper. Maybe later, I’ll have this compilation of unpublished entries. Y’know, like the ones rockstars have after they die that fetch millions on eBay.

My blog is called ironi irina. It’s because the reality in life for me is always far from what I dream about. Things that happen to me are to me ironic because it doesn’t go as I thought it should. In a way, I bet that’s how everybody feels. That’s why I talk and write a lot about the things how I wish them to be instead of how they are. My dreams are the one place where anything I want is possible and I decided to share it with anyone who reads this. It’s a therapy for me against the stresses in life. I think, I dream, I write. Its where anything I think should be, could be. It’s like halfway giving form to what you dream about.

Bt yesterday, at dawood sec 6 shah alam, while I was whining about the troubles in the world, enol asked me to put myself as another person in the chair in front of me and try looking at myself frm a different person’s point of view. So right now, I’d like to write about how things really are in my life, hopefully not offending anyone in the process.

I’m 25 years old. I was born in Sibu, Sarawak on the 5th of July 1981. My full name is Irina Hariati bt Abdul Muis. My mom is Maimunah, she’s frm Sarawak and is a teacher by vocation. My dad is a retired banker who hails frm Johor. I have 5 siblings, 3 of whom are married with children that amounts to 4 nephews and 4 nieces for me. I live in bkt beruntung rawang bt hve lived in various parts of KL n Selangor. I’ve went to school in SRK Subang Jaya, was a TKCian and now still a part of UiTM Shah Alam doing my masters full time in visual communication and new media while working part time as a designer for TriKystana Sdn. Bhd.

I’m short and overweight. I wear glasses. I constantly have a fight with my tudung. I have dimples in both cheeks and have been told I have a nice smile. I have acne marks everywhere bt if I wear makeup people wont notice bt usually am too lazy to wear any except for special occasions. I have straight hair that had been curled once and now am sporting a fringe in an effort to look youthful. Orang cakap I look exactly like my mom except I’m 25 kilos heavier than she was at my age.

In a sms thing, I’ve been told I’m beautiful, bijak, blackout, bubbly, bigsmile, baik hati (well, they’re my frens of course they’ll say nice things, except the blackout thing was frm my adik, Nani. I’m whiny, crybaby, bad driver, always hungry, always sleepy, control freak, scared of many things, byk cakap, kuat berangan, terlebih sensitive and emotional (I have no idea how people put up with me). One of my trait that I have come to learn and accept I posess is kedegilan dan keras kepala. ( see, I got 2 pusar on my head, plus kena hantuk ngan helmet berkali2, helmet yang pecah).

I have issues with being beautiful and beautiful people. I like looking at beautiful people, and they are mostly nice. I am jealous of them though, like they have it easier y’know. Humans, being humans, like beautiful things. And being beautiful gets you heard, seen and liked (that is power). And I can understand how a pleasing face can make you feel better. I constantly struggle with the things I have to do to look pleasing to the eye of others. It takes a lot of effort and sins to look good and I’m glad I have friends that just love me the way I am that don’t judge me by how fat I am compared to the last time they saw me.

I’m nerdy. I like studying, I like school, I like books, classes, assignments, research, discussions, and opinions. I can’t talk about clothes or shoes unless we’re talking about Giant, reject shop, FOS, Jusco, Uptown or the carboot at stadium shah alam. I have money bt I prefer to spend them on books or household items like comforters or nice stationery (or save it to kahwin, yippee!). I don’t expect to pay much for things I don’t think should worth that much, even though I like it a lot (ni hasil didikan Encik Abdul Muis ni…).

My family and I. This is a touchy subject, I have written about them before and it didn’t come out good. I wrote it when I was 9 and my mom and sis still remember what I wrote. What I can say is, despite the idiosyncrasies, the drama, the whole googaly moogaly, they are MY only family. Good or bad, they are my sanctuary. This funny thing called family.

I have few close friends whom I constantly share my life with. I will not mention names, you know who you are. They are the ones I don’t feel shy to go to when I’m troubled and would look at me the same way even after 5 years. They share my joy as well as my tears; my ugly side and my good side and still love me after and also trusts me to share theirs. My boyfriend is someone who was my friend since childhood and I fell in love with him when I was 11 and am hoping to marry in 2 years time, Ameen… He is a beautiful person who despite my lacking in a lot of things, appears to be as much in love with me as I am with him. There are a lot of imperfections in our relationship bt I have the confidence we’ll be able to work things out. We have the ability to communicate openly in a lot of things (including crying and bawling) and the readiness to listen (still learning and trying) and adapt accordingly to each other (u win some, u lose some). Yeah, sounds all bunga2 but we pray for the best la.

Working as a graphic designer, it is something that I love doing – design, bt when its work, u hve difficult clients, impossible datelines, not enough resources, overworking, low pay, colleagues yg mcm2 perangai, bos yang lain lain kehendak dan kepentingan…. Bykla yang kurang indah yg selalunya makes your work kurang satisfying. Bt that’s how working life is. Bt everytime working on a project, I get excited on the possibilities of the outcome that I always try to produce yang best gilerr. I love designing. Given the opportunity, I would design anything and everything walau berus gigi skalipun. Kalau ada time and money, the possibilities are endless in design and I like the challenge of putting something, an idea, to life. Giving it form. Bt tak semua la camtu, ada time yg terpakse buat selamberr jugak. Jadi maknanya, adela design saye yang buruk, org tgk gelak je, “camni kate love designing konon….” So skarang the company I’m working for kecik aje, job die takdela gempak mane pun, bt it keeps my brain and hands running and adela duit sket (RM550 per mth to be exact) to pay for my studies so tak nyusahkan makbapak. And I get to go to my classes and have this iBook kekadang so bolela curi2 memblog. Haha…. Banner pun bannerlaaa, janji design cunn… Plus its close to home so bole naik public transport memandangkan aku ni driver yang merbahaya kepada nyawa orang lain dan tak ckp duit nk bayar minyak.

My life at the mo, despite my complaints, can be considered ok. I prefer studying than working. Yup, I’m not tough enough for the industry I guess, plus my parents asked me to do this. I did it and I enjoyed it. Many would look down on my decision to do my masters now instead of working for more years. Well, my dad said he’d pay for the fees and I have no commitments, so why not? Go sajela. Best rupanya. I enjoy lepaking with my frens and boyfriend. Weekends I can go home and play wit my anak2 buah. Ada time to tgk tv and mandi. My constant problem wud be my fight with myself. Trying and forcing myself to smayang rajin lagi and not do forbidden things. A lot of stupid things happen yang make me go “WHY ME?????” Bumps and bruises and tumpah and terantuk sana sini, Struggling to jd good girl so I can go to heaven. Hoping to make my parents happy and peaceful. Fighting with Carmen, she’s my alter ego. She’s crazy, too crazy. Bt I guess she’s the part of me that gives me courage and passion to do things. If it were entirely up to me, I’d be scared to do anything! Praying that God wont make life so difficult for me coz I’m not that strong, I might do something stupid to cope with it. Praying that I pray harder. Read the Quran better. Treat people nicer. And to appreciate what I have. Please God love me and forgive all the stupid things I’ve done. Protect my family n frens frm harm and provide them with happiness and ease.

Everyday I try to…..
Give more, ask for less. Do more, complain less. Learn more, talk less. Smile more, cry less. Walk more, eat less. Pray more, sleep less. Love more, hate less.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hi people, today I'd like to introduce you to this hot babe I've been dying to ummm...... BE.
Ladies and gents, I present to you, Brandy Carter.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

These are a few of our favourite things

I: froggie yg colourful
E: bird

E:pic and ciku
I : grapes and peaches

I: purple n black, berry berry colours like magenta, burgundy, raspberry, plum, blueberry..
E: white and gold, earth color

E: melur, white flowers
I : iris, carnations, purple flowers

Natural phenomenon
E: sunset, color langit before hujan
I : full moon rising by the beach, starry starry night (enol pun suka juga! Hehe)

E: tuna sushi, pasta, laksa johor yang sedap, nasi goreng abah, rojak Karim, nasi lemak seksyen 11, kuetow kungfu, char kuetow (kesimpulannye aku suka makan yang sedap2!) ( irin: tp apsal ko kurus hah?????)
I: lakse johor mak, cheese nan tandoori, nasi daun pisang sri paandi, food dining hall TKC (e: enol pun suke!!! Makcik I love uuu!!!) ice cream dan chocolate, terung goreng belada, tofuuuuuu bantal, ayam ayam n ayam……

I: islands, beach, waterfall, lakes
E: tepi pantai, atas bukit

Tempat yg teringin nk pegi
I : new Zealand, South Africa, India, Morocco, Mekah (dh pg tp nk lg), diving kt sipadan, jamaica, Thailand, bali…..
E: san Francisco, Cameron highland (i: ala ciannye, nanti kite gi eh?) Europe, mekah, mesir- nak tgk pyramid!!!,

I: yasmin ahmad’s, m night shamalan’s, semua dance movies, shrek, R+J, Shakespeare in love
E: filem yang ada Leonardo de Capri sume aku suke!! Citer p.ramlee yang komedi, bawang putih bawang merah-latifah omar, citer2 romantic comedy macam notting hill, 10 things I hate bout u, love letter-citer jepun, Japanese animation movies, kuch kuch hota hai, taal, baaaaaanyak lagi…..

E & I : HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E: citer2 sherlock holmes, taro si anak naga, god of small things, cinta abadi
I: secret garden, Tuesdays with morrie, curious incident that killed the dog in the night, anansi boys, pesanan dari gunung ledang by enol’s mum, enid blyton faraway tree n malory towers

Lagu yg forever ever minat
I : layar impian ella, angel monica, angel sarah mclachlan, butterflyz Alicia keys, butterfly Mariah carey, so7 buat aku tersenyum, sountrack walk to remember n practical magic, n sync punye lagu slow, lagu yg make me wanna dance….
E: peter pan-mimpi yang sempurna slow version, too phat- clap to this, lagu-lagu bsb (i: bsb rules!!), innuendo’s

Orang (x msk family dan kengkawan rapat atau boyfren ok)
I : Frank cho n liberty meadows, Gilmore girls, zahim al bakri, yasmin ahmad, van gogh, m night shamalan, m nasir, Madonna, Rupert everett, ella, Lat, Stefan sagmeister, Edward furlong, Tun m, einstein, pompuan cun yg sexy like Carmen Elektra, monica belluci, Natasha Hudson, maya Karin, Jessica alba, BRANDY LIBERTY MEADOWS!!!

E: johnny depp, leo d c, matt damon, tun M, jk rowling (irin pun!!!) bipasha basu, rani mukherjee, wanita cantik dan bergaya

E: berangan, menulis, membaca, ambil gambar, menonton cerita yang best, travel, berlari, memikirkan idea-idea untuk membuat dunia lebih best, merasai angin laut, main hujan, driving, lepak with my good friends, baca komik conan
I : terbang, makan, mimpi, dreaming (cam skrg ni la), collecting quirky colourful useless stuff, borak, read, write, design, swim, laugh, tgk orang cantik, bercinta, travel, dance, ideation, baring tgk stars, play wit my anak buah

Objek Idaman
I : Mac baru yg dual core, rumah cum studio sendiri, bmw mini, koleksi buku yg byk, starry night painting van gogh, ipod, digicam n videocam.

E: digital camera yang best, rumah, kereta buruk untuk travel ke seluruh dunia,

Kerja idaman
I: designer cum educator, pemilik bisnes stationery n t shirt, hos rancangan food/ travel or design, penjual kopok lekor.

E: penulis, dan domestic engineer (housewife yang mengontrol segala objek dan makhluk di dalam rumah tangga)

Right now I want…..
I: to go on a shopping spree n go to redang island!!!!

E: aku nak makan sushi, laksa johor laksa shack (rujuk kat atas)

I paling benci….
I: smokers. liars, mean people, gaduh ngan mak.

E: diri sendiri yang pemalas dan menganggur ☹, orang-orang jahat yang menganiaya orang lain especially aku

If only…..
I : I cud have the body of Brandy liberty meadows.

E: I cud be sure when I die I go straight to heaven… *sigh~
(i: alaaa… apsal jwpn die lg best ek??? Hmph, name pun penulis….)

I wish…
I : I don’t hve to go to work tomorrow

E: i have somewhere to go to work tomorrow!!!

E: I love irin because….. hmmm….. hmmm……. Hmmmmm… hmmmm.. ( i: BERUK!!!!) hmmm…hmmm because I love irin!!!! Yeee!
I : I love enol because die je gile enuff to layan me to do this useless thingy.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's entry is a special one. Interesting things are going to happen in this space so for all you readers out there, I hope you'll enjoy the journey....

"ironi irina" is having a collacoration with "odisi odah" blog, so pls visit odisi odah for the response to this article. We're starting a journey in search of our beloved country Malaysia and all the lovely people in it. Hope you like it!

(my iranian friend sarvi says in persian asal mane means (honey, my honey)

I get asked this question a lot and every time I have difficulty in answering. I dont know whether the question means where I was born, where my kampung is, where I grew up n went to school, where did my parents come from or where I live?

I'm sure I'm not the only one but for every one of those questions I have a different answer. I was born in Sibu, Sarawak. My mom is a Sarawakian. For raye, we balik kampung to Skudai, JB. That's where my dad comes from. I grew up in Sarawak for 5 years (with nenek), then I moved to Subang Jaya, after 6 years we moved to Melawati (bt I went to school in Seremban) and stayed for 5 years and now its been near 7 years my family is staying in Bkt Sentosa Rawang (bt I stayed in Shah Alam during Uni years).

See, if I answer Sarawak ( which is cool coz they're totally different n unique), I cant speak the dialect though I understand (cos my mom speaks it) n I hardly remember anything frm Sarawak (to small). I would like to say Johor cos a lot of cool people hail frm Johor like Yasmin Ahmad n Ali Muhammad ( otak diorang ni 'lain' sket care pemikiran die. C'monla baju melayu die pun lain!). And their Laksa Johor is the best (Lodeh, soto.... mmm yummmy)!!! Bt I dont know much about Johore either cos we only go back once a year and plus my kampung is not exactly a kampung hse in the traditional sense ( its a brick house in a city). Subang Jaya? When i lived there, USJ was still an oil palm plantation! Cant claim I'm frm melawati either cos for the most time I'm in Seremban in boarding school. Rawang, if you ask me where's this and that I cant answer. ( The pasar malam's really good though mmm piza psr malam...) During that time I'm mostly in Shah Alam.


I do know I am a Malay, kot. Well actually I'm part Chinese n Melanau frm my mother's side and part Minang and Bugis frm my Bapak's side. I dont think there are any more 'purebloods' in Malaysia except probably if you count the Orang Asli. Read Yasmin's entry on this matter in her blog if you wanna kno more.

I learnt in uni that the definition of Malay is someone who speaks Malay, lives a Malay way of life n is a Muslim. That is the Malaysian definition. I'm not sure I fit that desription. I speak Malay bt I'm more comfortable with English (ala Sharifah Amani) coz that is the language of the voice in my head. I'm even worse when writing in BM. Bt thats just how my surroundings were. I grew up singing to nursery rhymes n my playmates were indian (visithra, those were great times ) n chinese (stella, if u ever read this, thanks for the memories). Malay way of life? how is it different frm any other way of life? in the now context, my lifestyle is much the same as any may lin n rani living in M'sia. We're all rojak after all. I am a muslim, yes. Bt in indonesia there are malays who are non muslims. Huh????

So, what's the big deal? Why is it so important to know? How do I answer the "Asal Mane?" question? What do people really want to know when they ask "asal mane?"

Where do I come from? aku pun tak tahu....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No reason to live.

Yesterday I felt really really really sad. I dont know how to explain why. Just suddenly I dont know why I have to live. What is my reason for living? If I'm dead would it matter to anyone? I dont know if its the haze, my period, body temperature, not having enough oxygen or whatever it is the reason that I started bawling like a baby. I just dont see why I should live. So selfish just thinking bout one own self. Not that suicide is an option. Does anyone need me? Am I important to anyone or anything? Dont know if this masters thing is a good idea. Its the 7th week and I still dont have a research topic and I dont feel like doing anything. Why do I get up in the morning? Is it because my mom would need me to do hsework? Is it so my parents can be happy that at least one of their children does ok? WHY??? Why am I here?? Do I hve to take care of my anak2 buah? Why are my friends so cold towards me? Why cant I make things work? Why cant I accept things and live easily? Why cant I get the things I want? Why do I want these things? Why do I need to have them? Why do I have to do things for other people? Why do I care what people think? Why cant I just bersyukur with whatever have? Why cant I just be normal like everybody else? Why do I hurt so easily? Why do I give up? Why is it soooo damn hard to do what is right? Why cant I be stronger? Why cant I make people feel comfortable around me? Why cant I do things properly? Why do I have to feel judged all the time? Why is it that I never look good enough? Why cant I just be happy? why cry??? why not smile??? why so angry?? why does everything make me feel like shit??? Why do I have to wear tudung? Why cant I make people happy? why cant I help people who need help??? Why dont I know what I'm supposed to do??? How come I have no idea how to live? why is it so wrong to do the things i enjoy? why cant people be nice to me? why do they have to be so rude? why doesnt anyone have time for me? why is it so expensive to live? why is it so hard for people to be nice to me? Why my friends are so busy and to bothered to layan me? WHY DO I NEED SO MUCH? a lot of people live with a lot less. why am I not happy? why is it so hard to live? why cant i just give up and die?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thank you.

To the good insan that found my wallet on the KL Sentral Komuter Platform to Rawang. Thank you for handing it in to the authorities with everything intact. Thank you KTM staff especially En Ainuddin for calling up UiTM library to find my details. Thank you to the Library staff, En Fauzirul for calling me up and informing of my wallet's whereabouts. Thank you to people out there who still have a bit of heart in them. Thank you Shafik, I knew you uttered a prayer for me.Thank you God for answering my prayers.

Monday, July 31, 2006

okay, this is my 3rd attempt to blog in this week.

2day is harry potter's birthday. Its been 3 months since my last entry. Since then a couple of major events unfolded in my life.

1) Redang - I fell in love all over again.
This is sooo long overdue and a lot of my beach fever has washed off. All i wanted to say was that it was one of those lifechanging moments where you feel like everything falls into place. A beautiful experience in a magical place. I'd definitely go again and again and again and again..... Any of you out there who feels numb and jaded I highly reccommend a dose of Redang to remind you of a the beauty in life. Terengganu has my vote for favourite state in the peninsular.

2) Back to school
Yup, back in the place I never thot I'd return. Dis time for my masters. Initially I did it to make my parents happy. But now that I'm here, I'm having a really good time and I realise that I really like being in school. I guess the lecturer thing aint so bad after all. I get high evrytime after class coz of the rush. There are lots of new people frm diffrent backgrounds and we're doing lots of different new things. For the past month I've made frens wit 4 iranians, 1 of whom shafik and I brought to Akademi Seni Kebangsaan to watch Menora, gone to an art exhibition, found out a lot more interesting stuffs frm my classmates. The only PROBLEM now is that I dont yet have a problem to solve for my research.

3) Found a lost love.... books
its been a loooong time since harry potter hve I read anything other.
a) Harmony silk factory by tash aw - To fulfill my curiosity of this Malaysian literary piece. Interesting and told in the perspective of 3 different people. But his explanation on the various foliage of greenery kinds of distracts.
b) How stella got her groove back - I like that she describes people like food which makes this book yummy that way. And coming back frm Redang fresh with fever, the setting in Jamaica reminded me so much of the island experience. A bit too good to be true though. Bt its based on a true story. In reality though, the fairytale ended.
c) Tuesdays with Morrie - Poignant. Touching. Simple. A teacher- student relationship that crosses all boundaries. A small guide to life. I love this book.
d) the incident that killed the dog in the night - One of a kind. Unique. Really really good. Tiring bt GOOOOOD.
e) anansi boys by neil gaiman - As expected of Neil Gaiman, a blend of Labyrinth meets Never Ending Story meets the Jungle book meets Alice in wonderland. pure gaiman genius.

Okay gtg!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Everytime aku bukak blog ni, nk letak post baru yg aku dh lame terpikir sepanjang minggu, aku jd blank. Ntahle, there's so much that I want to say, when the time comes, I just write some silly stuff. Aku rindu sangat nk cakap dengan enol. One of benda joyful yang aku dh lame tak buat. Tp nape aku tak call die? Kekurangan kredit mungkin salah satu darinya dan spperti masalah aku nk berblog. I got so much to say, my kredit wont be enuff, then I'll feel bad cos tak puas ckp dah kena Bye.

I miss my friends. I live far away and work takes up too much for me to spend time with them. Weekends are too short and has to be filled with daughterly duties and responsibility to self cleanliness like laundry. Naseb baik arini Pie datang dgn spaghetti bolognaisenye yg sedap tu. Even for a short while, it made me really happy.

In 15 mins aku dh kena end this entry, sebab my love Lex Luthor dh seru my name. My weekly doses of him make mondays more bearable. And I still havent said everything I want to in this space. SPEED!

Friday dates are lovely fun. I watched one bollywood love story, 1 thai scary movie, 1 english period movie, 1 hong kong action movie this weekend. My sister nani came back. She's so thin now. I think she might be too cool to be sisters wit me soon. I want Ella's a journey beyond album. Enol I miss you!!!! Lex I'm coming!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

God, please love me.
I have an affair...

with Lex Luthor. Not the actor who plays him. The character in smallville.
I had a dream with him few weeks ago. How happy it made me. He may not be real, but my happiness sure was.

Then he set me free. I wasn't bothered about my troubles anymore, he was there. He was perfect. He was perfect because he was there.

I no longer care what upsets me, I'd just go to Lex.

Who cares if he's only in my imagination, my imagination is all i got to make me happy.
short thoughts on....

1) today - ordinary

2) friends - miss them

3) work - tiring

4) feeling - fear

5) food - haven't any

6) beauty - frustrating

7) love - hard

8) driving - scary

9) wants - sleep n dosh

10) time - too fast and too slow, too much and too little

Sunday, March 05, 2006

the story of Amani

She was a girl of 25. Working at a company called Werk-haus as a junior art director where she had been a designer for 3 years. She drives a bright BMW mini cooper. Has a cute apartment in Damansara Perdana which is furnished in her own custom designed furniture. She has her own brand of stationery products that are sought after designer items. She has a bright beautiful smile. A weekly columnist in a leading newspaper and contributor to KLUE magazine. A store in One Utama which carries her design frm t shirts to notebooks. She plays futsal weekly with her friends. Once a week she goes to Urban Groove studio for dance classes. She spends her weekend with her family where here 3 nieces and 4 nephews loves her cooking. Her parents are happily retired and receiving money frm her siblings and her. She has a great reputaion for her design and writings. Her blog attracts a quite sizable audience. Occasionally she gives motivational talks to young people on having dreams and achieving them. Part time she lectures in UiTM on design. Her classes are very popular with the students. She has 3 close friends whom she trusts. Friends who are there for each other in time of need. They share a close bond like sister. They do fun things together, come up with creative projects and argue about issues intellectually. Every month she buys 2 books frm Kinokuniya to add to her already vast collection of books. At home she cooks and at times entertain her friends and family. She gives fantastic presents to friends and family. Her boyfriend is a sucessful engineer for a well known company. He is an intellectual with a sense of humor and shares her love for food, travel and dreaming. They had been best friends for a long time before. He is a gentleman and knows how to treat her well. Her family approves of him for he is a good man of faith and they are confident he can take good care of their daughter.They've been together for 4 years and plans to get married in 2 years. She gets along well with his family and they treat her like one of them. She loves spending time travelling and experiencing different food and culture with her loved ones. She has her own style of dressing and looks attractive with the tudung. She is intelligent and has a positive outlook in life. Eventhough she is sucessful, she never forgets to enrich her spiritual side at all times. She is proof that a girl wearing tudung can succeed in the commercial world. She produces great design and her ideas are always fresh and original. She has enough money for herself and loved ones and still some left for creative endeavours and people in need. She plans to work at home when she starts a family so she can take good care of her children. Her reputation is enough for her to freelance on her Mac in her home studio. She hopes to live a happy life with her family until the hereafter.

p/s : This is just a fiction. Got nothing to do with any of you.
wishlist for today.

1) something happy, something joyful.

2) my nephew and Pie to be out frm hosp.

3) expression of undying love frm someone, anyone

4) a nice present.

5) an unexpected surprise visit

6) Baskin Robbins "chunky chewy chip choc " flavoured ice cream

7) a trip to the beach

8) not having to go to work tomorrow

9) all my problems figured out.

10) all my laundry done

11) a hug, a kiss, a smile

12) something funny

13) a compliment

14) a breakthrough idea

15) flowers

16) something more interesting to say in my blog

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finally, berjaye juge akhirnye ku upload...

Presenting the amazing director of PGL, Zahim Al Bakri.

I admire this guy for doing what he does. Hope to be able to see "spilt gravy on rice" (pls stage it again!) this year, can finally afford to watch theatre, haha...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dear Sunday,

You're boring
You let me down

On Tuesday you entice me
with promises of fun and laughter
I can't wait to see you
and its only a Wednesday

Awaiting something special
I'm shivering with anticipation
Oh yes!! Thursday's here!

By Friday I was high
You're on your way
It's coming! it's coming!
Then came Saturday,
I'm getting excited, I'm smiling already

Today you dawned upon me
I waited with eager eyes,
What hast thou for me????


Where is the surprise?
Surely you've planned something?
Perhaps a small one at the end of the day?

I'm still waiting
I'm still hoping
Now you're already leaving

I'm so disappointed in you
You're just like any other day
Now I dread the blues from Monday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Impianlah menggerak kehidupan....

That's a line from Puteri Gunung Ledang that I love. There's nothing really special about it. Just that it strucked certain chords.

I'm a dreamer. Always have been. Used to think it was a fault coz sometimes your imagination runs away with itself and you lose touch with reality.

I admire people who chase their dreams. It may look rosy when you achieve it, but the journey is a rocky one. It is never easy and almost always it is impossibble. The sheer hard work of trudging the road most hve given up on, it takes courage and a very BIG HEART. One such person whom i've met lately is Tiara Jacqueline.

Last weekend my family and I went to Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. To me it was a fantastic production. No doubt there were flaws, but the feeling it gave me when it ended was one of utter joy and sadness ( of the good kind). The thing that touched me most of all was that it was melimpah with love. No, I dont mean by Putri Gusti n Hang Tuah. But by every single person who made it happen. It was definitely a labour of love and it showed. The set was beautiful, the dancing marvellous, the singing, the songs, the music, the costumes...I cant describe it, the whole thing worked ( even when Sultan mahmud did a Saturday Night fever Thing). I cant imagine how it must feel to be Tiara. All the hard work and...... well I'm speaking on my behalf la. It made me feel so good. One i hadnt felt in such a long time. One where you achieve your dreams, one that you worked so hard for ...... It's the closest feeling to flying. And those who know me definitely know one of my ultimate dreams is to be able to fly.

I have many dreams. Mmg kuat berangan la. Well, when I was in primary school I wanted to be a dancer, a performer, like Madonna. U know when the teacher asks us to write what we want to be when we grow up? Well, Madonna was my answer. The feeling you get when you perform... wow. All the dance theme movies, name it, I've watched them all. Wishing I was the one in it.

Well, now 25 years old. That dream has berkubur. Not entirely no. But certain circumstances like, it is something my father wouldn't approve of, it's not encouraged in religion to do it publicly and a whole lot of others hve contributed to not achieving THAT dream. But I still hope for a time. For just one performance. One mindblowing performance. One time to fly.

Maybe not in this world. Maybe in the hereafter I will get to realise my dream. And to go to heaven is my most ultimate dream. A place of happiness where anything is possible and fulfilled. There I will be Madonna, there I can be Britney.... there I can be anything.

But for now, there are still other dreams to chase. One binded to responsibility not just to me but also to others. For now, I can just share a little of happiness when I watch musicals like Puteri Gunung ledang, watch movies like Flashdance, listen to a beautiful songs like Alicia keys butterfly, see a painting like Van Gogh's, read books like harry potter, see a smile of happiness in others when thay achieve their dreams. For now I'll just be happy watching others achieve my dreams for me.

But i'll always have dreams, and i know it will be hard, but I am willing to give my heart and soul if it is the one thing that makes me happy. And for now that dream is to be the best daughter to my parents, to my siblings and family, best student to my teachers, best partner to my sayang, best friend to my friends, best worker to my boss, best citizen to the country and most of all best servant to God. Be the best that I can be and more so I can go to heaven where all dreams come true.

" when you give up your dreams, you die." - Flashdance

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

omigod, i havent blogged 4 so long I had to hack into my own account cos I forgot my username n password. hampeh gile.

N oleh kerana aku dh penat menghack diri aku sendiri.
aku nk tido bye