Thursday, November 16, 2006

A year from now, my goal is to graduate my masters at the top of my class with a thesis and product that will be beneficial to the art and design industry. I hope to be able to produce a Malaysian Art&Design resource. In the future it will grow into a full portal, database archive on the Malaysia Art and Design Scene. Somewhere after, it will be endorsed by wREGA or even have its own body that can give awards to local artistes and designers. Much like what AIGA has done in the US. It will be a vast collection on local artworks for the world to see. Ameen.

After graduation, I will embark on a couple of long term projects with my trusted friends.

1) Project t-shirt – to design, produce and unleash t-shirts that everyone considers a must item in their wardrobe like Levi’s jeans.

2) Project wedding – to provide one of a kind, personalized, customized, specially tailored wedding experience to brides and grooms and their respective families that makes them feel ultimate BEST SANGAT2.

3) Project buku – To design, produce and get it published. Books by Enol. Compilation of project Malaysia by Odisi Odah and Ironi Irina. Pictorial essays.

4) Project mykedaialattulis – To design and produce a collection of thematic personified line of stationeries and paper products.

5) Project HappyPoster – (cant tell you bout this, its copyrighted)

6) Project WannabeWanZaleha - To audition for the position of English newscaster on Media Prima.

7) Project Dance - To secretly enroll in Akademi Seni Kebangsaan Diploma Seni Tari.

8) Project KedaiMakan – To start on my kedai makan with Bapak.

That’ll keep me busy for a long time. Am not sure in what order will it be done or for how long a time. But I know its what I wanna do next. I know it’ll need a lot of effort and cash. I’m all heart. As Shafik Afendi always say, “GO SAJE…!!” It will be crazy. Many will oppose. Few will support. A lot of heartbreaks, tantrums and upsets will happen. Friends will fall out. Families will argue. Lovers will spat. Uncountable losses. But hey, it aint over till the fat lady sings. And I’m gonna sing it with all my heart. The journey will be a rough one but it’s definitely worthwhile. Going through it all will hopefully make me a better person and servant of God.

Through the journey I hope to help as many people I could to explore their potential and expand the horizons of their mind and heart. I’ve read and experience a lot to believe entirely that the only way to happiness is to help others without asking for any return. Total selflessness. It’s funny that most times it’s looked upon skeptically like I have some hidden agenda. My simple rule in life. Do unto others how you would want to be done to you and do not unto others how you would not like to be done to you. What goes around comes around. God is Maha Adil. I want to help as many people I could even in little ways. Like the mafia y’know, “ I do you a favour, you do me a favour” though not exactly in that context la. I try my bestla. Bt I’m only human maa, I always do stupid things one. I say I’m sorry, I’ll sure do it again. Be nice and hold no grudges. Life is better that way.

By the age of 35, I’ll have a couple of businesses. My own house. My own car and my own piggy bank. A loving family and diehard friends. Anda mampu memiliki semuanya (line sendayu tinggi, pinjam) I don’t know really how I’m gonna do all of this. I got a feeling I’m about to find out. (Dr Kamy, pinjam your phrase ah?).

Insya Allah. Ameen.

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odah said...

aaahh!!! aku masuk dlm agenda kau!! takutnyee!!!!