Friday, February 12, 2010

At Wits End.

Been bored out of my wits lately. Yayang has been working on robots and models so I have to entertain myself in between the Glee episodes which we finished last night.

I pulled my boring face and Izham feels guilty. "Why don't you do something you like?," he asked me.

"like what?," I pouted.

" You can surf the net," he suggests.

"The internet is boring. It takes too long to go through the pile of shit before getting anything even half as interesting, which by then, I'm just too tired of looking at the screen. Nothing I can find on the internet thats fun."

"You can play games", he tries yet again

"I dont like games. Cant sustain me for long."

"Okayy... what do u like? whats ur hobby or interest?"

"I like books."

"Then go read a book," he says hopefully albeit a bit agitated.

"I haven't found anything interesting to read for a long time. When I go to the bookshop, there are too many books, I don't know where to start. The few that I pick up didn't hold my interest for more than one page," I whine yet again.

"What kind of books you like?," he still layans me. Hehe, yes my husband has to put up with this kinda thing on a daily basis.

"I don't know. I don't have any particular preference," me sulking.

"What books have you enjoyed reading before this?"- by now i think he desperately needs me to figure out something to do.

"I liked Harry Potter. But other magical books are just poorly written. I didn't enjoy reading Lord of The Rings though. I like adventure and mystery. But if its like Dan Brown, I read like four already and they're all the same storyline. I like fantasy, I like Neil Gaiman but not all, just some of them. I rarely read love novels, I overdosed on Judith McNaught in High School and now I'll puke if I ever read anymore of her writings. I really liked Tuesdays with Morrie though, but I think if i read more of his books, it'll make me hate the first one. Sort of like the Chicken soup for the Soul syndrome. Too similiar styles of writing bore me. I especially liked The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time because it was such an unusual way of writing. Same reason why I liked Sophie's World. When I was young I used to like Enid Blyton. I think i finished reading all of her writings by the time I turned 10. Same with Nancy Drew. I guess I don't have a preference. I like encyclopedias. But they're too expensive. And HUGE to carry around."

To which he gave me Dean Koontz 'Velocity'. Just give it a try, my yayang said. Okay. I finished the book this afternoon. Which means I past the first page, yes. But I didn't like to read his writing style. Too descriptive of too many redundant things slows the pace of the book and totally kills the 'Velocity' of it. The twist in the story was predictable. The murderer is the guy in the early part of the book. And he's not the only one. Haha. surprisenyela saya.

Just bought 3 magazines. Finished reading them in 2 minutes. Boring.

Arrgh... boring boring boring......

I need to find something to amuse me.