Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Short stories of a short girl.

1) been ousted out of my room, again. This is my third time in 3 different houses with 3 different roommates have I been kicked out of my room for reasons I cannot fathom. This time I got a note left on my dresser saying she wants the room to herself starting January and sumthing involving doors being closed and such. But since it’s the 3rd time, then it must be me, right? Its also due to the fact that I’m always the later person to rent the room hence giving the other roommate the power to oust the other one if it pleases her so. Cos she got there first. Well its horrible, this kind of things used to make me cry and hyper psycho mad and angry but I’ve vowed to myself to…..

2) DO THE ASRI! DO THE ASRI!!! Asri is my good friend Rozarina’s boyfriend who was also my classmate in UiTM. He is this dude who is sooooo cool, x pernah marah, never shaken or stirred in no matter what dire situation he is in. Seriously, nothing ever bothers this guy. He can be in totally deep shit and still not loose his cool. No he is not blur. That’s the way he deals with things. Nothing is ever bad enough or worse enough. And he’s doing really well in this ugly industry called the creative industry. With evil clients, cruel bosses, impossible datelines and outrageous working hours….. he just sticks to it and he’s okayla. He just got promoted and is earning quite best compared to some of my compatriots, including me. And this is in a company that’s quite mmm how do u say it? Teruklaaaaa……

3) I’ve got some “friends” who says I’m too “tension” in my studies. Well, this time, I’m gonna DO THE ASRI and not let ANYTHING bother me much less break me. I’m not gonna break down and cry over some silly thing that went wrong. I broke my back last semester and my results weren’t half as good as some of my classmates. This time I’m gonna enjoy the ride and not give a damn bout whoever who has got whatever to say and just SMILE. Smile, laugh and brush it off. Life goes on. Ive learnt that people can be really spiteful and try to hurt you for no apparent reason. No matter where I go, I always meet these cold mean creatures who don’t seem to think that one good turn deserves another or that bad deeds get punished sooner or later.

4) “I will be optimistic to the point of annoying especially to the people who think it’s cool to be cold and cynical.” Partly taking the line from Yasmin Ahmad who has had her share of orang dengki and iri hati. So will I. I will not wallow in sadness, even more in revenge. God is Maha Adil. Everything will come full circle.

5) The meaning of IRINA HARIATI as I googled has roots frm greek and Russian. Irina means peaceful. Hariati coming frm harriet means ruler of home. Or if considering Hariati frm its Arabic roots would be hayat or life. So basically my name means peaceful ruler of home or peaceful Life. HAHA. My mom said no wonder la I like to stay home and do nothing…. Shafik Afendi means the compassionate noble. Okayla tu…. Suite what?

6) Engagements, marriage and babies. Last Sunday, Shafik’s younger sister Anis got engaged to this nice guy who looks like Andy frm Flop Poppy. (peace, anis! He really does tho, better a bit la….) Congratulations! Yesterday me went with shafik, rafiqa and jumy to their friend’s wedding in Hulu Langat. Seems like everyone’s getting married. Who says divorce rates are higher than marriage rates? I beg to differ. From the persiaran kayangan to my hse in Shah Alam (very short distance la), I counted at least 9 signages for weddings!!! That was only yesterday! And my lecturer kesayangan Puan Siti Raba’ah AKA Babe has selamat melahirkan a healthy baby boy named Ungku Dean Iskandar yesterday morning at UH. Am happy for all you folks!

7) As much as I’m happy for everyone’s happiness in menjalani hidup berkeluarga or bakal, I’m not really in a rush to start mine. Shafik, I heard your “tarik nafas lega”….. Haha. I’m not ready to be a good wife better still a good mom, yet. Partly because of the marriage failures around me and somehow except for very very few, these couples who got married don’t look or seem as happy as they were before marriage. Like marriage just ruined everything. One moment they were happy, they got married then – BAM!!!! Everything comes crashing down. I’m happy at the state I’m in rite now. If not for the fact that I have to get married before I can have sex and babies or I’ll burn in hell, I’d much rather stay this way than get married. Show me at least 10 couples who are HAPPILY married for the past 10 years then maybe that’ll restore my faith in the marriage institution.

8) That is also the reason I’m working my ass off to save money as much as possible. That is so I can get my own house and car and a BIG savings account with lifetime insurance. I’m gonna have my own harta so if my husband leaves me I’ll be alive and kicking. I don’t see myself doing the Olin thing, though I’m sure its really great. So far I have no debts, tho I may not earn much I’m much more senang than people with debt around their waist. Hopefully it stays that way. A bit of advice to my friends, save first then try to live with whats left, not the other way round. If you try to save with whatever you have extra, chances are you wont have any savings. AND get insurance, a little every month goes A LONG way.

9) Aku toye cam Hermione Granger. But hey, I have Harry and Ron for frens. (you know who you are) So no matter what challenges lie ahead or how many people try to make me small, I’ll be ok. As long as there is family. As long as there is faith. As long as there are friends. As long as I have love. I think I’ll be fine. Short or otherwise.