Monday, May 04, 2009

Wedding series: Chapter 2 - episode bunga dan warna

Second weekend, 9 more weeks. Labour day weekend was definitely full of labour.

1st May. Went to look for flowers to make the hantaran for tunang at Alam Sentral. Didn't make it to Romantika when Kak Ima called up, "Kata nak beli bunga ngan Kak Ima?". So Yayang drove me to the commuter station to go to Jalan TAR, the ultimate wedding street in Malaysia before he went for Friday prayers. Met k Ima at Sogo, supposed to pick up my alas dulang, but its still nt ready. Alamak, sempat tak ni?? So next we headed to Semua House, objective, flowers and shoes. Hardly 15 minutes there, Kak Ima decided to bail on me, ok fine, but I showed her some samples of flowers that fit my colour concept. Cross my fingers, have to trust her with this one. She is the expert. So help me God. Walked around by myself, no shoes to be found. But I discovered this really wonderful shop on the 1st floor which sold costume jewellery. Ooooh, can look for my 'vintage' dokoh or keronsang. I absolutely love the shop, it has the kind of jewellery I like. I didn't get the keronsang but I found something to put in my hair like the picture in my inspiration board, for rm30, its a steal. I'll definitely come back for my dokoh.

I was gonna head home, when I came across Muaz textile bazaar, they were selling tudungs and selendangs for rm6 so I got myself 2 selendangs, hehe. Me, cheapskate, yes. Head home to look for shoes with Yayang at OU but that didn't work out. Too tired, need sleep. SO HOTTTTTTT laa....

Next day, head home to Rawang. Mak wants Jco donuts. Stop by Giant Kota Damansara. Got donuts, got shoes as well, hehe. I found my purple shoes at this shoe shop called Summit. VERY SEXY SHOES. I WANT THEM ALL!!!! Yayang picked them out for me (and paid, haha), will post the pics later, hehe. The great thing about having one colour theme for 3 occasions. One shoe to fit them all! rm59.90. I love my purple shoes. Gorgeous!! i can even wear it with jeans. peep toe purple satin wedges. Lovely.

donuts, check. shoes, check. Reached home, Abg Iwan called, he was buying paints for his new house. "come pick your colour, I'll paint your room." Hehehehe. Me love!!. I've always wanted my room to be purple, but earlier it turned out more grey than purple, then I got Abg Win's room, which was cream. So i picked out 2 shades. 1 deep purple and a lighter one. Went home, packed my stuff, omg, note to Izham, can we fit all my stuff in the new house? Especially my books? There's more in Baiduri, at the office and some at Izham's house. Damn. That's a lot of books. He has a lot of toys. We got to figure something out. GI Joes, Transformers and clone troopers can be best friends with books. Somehow.

Started painting at 10pm. All nighter with just 1 roller and 2 brushes, masking tapes, newspaper, 2 cans of paint, semangat berkobar2, including a little tsunami named Yasmin, Abg Iwan, kak Ida and I finished at 7am Sunday. Too bad I didnt take a 'before' picture. Damn. I'll put in the 'after' pic later.

My body aches, my hands are numb, I slept at 7.30am, had to wake up at 9am. Have to go buy flowers. So Kak Ima, Abang, Adik, Aqayshea and I walked through a total of 6 flowers shops and 5 textile shops in Rawang and KL. Bringing my inspiration board with us,we chose flowers, berries, ribbons in really really dark colours. I'm leaving it up to kak Ima to make the hantaran, I just help in the choosing. The concept: black forest. hmm. She says she's gonna make it look like bird's nest. Pretty interesting to see how it'll look like. I went to the textile shops to look for deep purple velvet to make the alas dulang since the one at Sogo still isn't ready. Cant' believe how hard it is to look for purple velvet, all the shops ran out. What the hell happened? My only theory is, UiTM probably finished the whole stock in order to use it on their bulletin boards. Seriously. that is a lot of purple velvet. C'monla, what else could it be? In the end, I just settled for dark blue velvet against maroon satin. No purple there. But last night when Irma put it all together, the flowers, the alas, the assessories and what not... it looked perfect. Can't wait to see it completed. Genius.

However, there is one little tiny thing. Irma bought fabric to make baju for the reception. She chose the same fabric as my wedding dress, just in a different pattern. I wish she wouldn't. Say something about my self esteem, but I think she is prettier than me and a little part of me was "slightly" slighted that she might outshine me on my wedding day. Stupid thought, I'm sorry. Shouldn't feel this way.

After devouring KFC and letting the kids play at Ikea playground, both of us went to Tesco. I still need some cookie jars and fitted sheet for the bridal room. I so want those paper lanterns!! So many things to be done. I was bone tired. Please, I haven't slept for 2 days and am perpetually hungry for not having rice for so long. Yes dears, I am banned from rice by the people around me. They're all trying to help me lose weight in 9 weeks. I've been fasting almost every day but seriously, there is no difference. Plus all this walking and shopping considers as exercise, no? Well then how come my arms and calves feel like I've been through kawad kadet polis???? Renee Zelwegger, how the hell do you do this?? I need to unearth the Scarlet Johannsen in me, hahahahaah..... oooh dat reminds me, pedicure, manicure, spa, facial are in order. Directive frm higher powers. OMG I have never gone for any of the above, ever, in my life. So can you imagine how bad my condition is? I might have black heads dating back to adolescent years! eeeuuwww!

Later last night, although I so want to fall asleep, Irma says we need to have a meeting so that evryone knows the programme and who is doing what. Sheeeeshhh. Pardon. We're a family of planners. So we waited for the empress dowager (my Mak) to wake up to have a family meeting. Going through the details of the events and what is needed. Wedding planning is no joke people. I gave each one of them a checklist and guestlist to fill up.

So for Bapak and Mak
1) venue - booking, permits, sound system, traffic, parking
2) food/ catering
3) itinerary - doa, kompang
3) hall decoration/ flowers

1) emcee
2) hantaran
3) bunga pahar
4) doorgifts/ favors
5) food for tunang
6) decoration at home

1) video
2) signage
3) typing out guest list

Kak Ida
1) favors
2) guest placing - house
3) the kids

1) card
2) photographer
3) hantaran
4) usherettes
5) favors
6) bridal room
7) decoration at home

1) help keep me calm and sane and pretty, haha. And keeping my parents happy.
2) usherettes
3) favors
4) house

1) guests
2) family
3) transportation

err... i kno its macam poyo la tulis kat sini, but this helps me clear some things and maybe it might be useful information for other people, who knows? haha. I believe that knowledge should be shared and sharing is caring, weeeheeeheeee....! the meeting was good, i love seeing my family working together, its exactly what i want... sigh... Insya Allah, berkatilah majlis ini.

I thought it was a fruitful weekend, basically running through on whats gonna happen this Sunday. OMG, same time next week, I'll be Yayang's fiance, woohooohoooo!

Kay peeps, I'll be getting the things ready for my engagement this Sunday. a bit nervous. Pray for me please?! Insya Allah, we'll hope for the best.