Monday, July 31, 2006

okay, this is my 3rd attempt to blog in this week.

2day is harry potter's birthday. Its been 3 months since my last entry. Since then a couple of major events unfolded in my life.

1) Redang - I fell in love all over again.
This is sooo long overdue and a lot of my beach fever has washed off. All i wanted to say was that it was one of those lifechanging moments where you feel like everything falls into place. A beautiful experience in a magical place. I'd definitely go again and again and again and again..... Any of you out there who feels numb and jaded I highly reccommend a dose of Redang to remind you of a the beauty in life. Terengganu has my vote for favourite state in the peninsular.

2) Back to school
Yup, back in the place I never thot I'd return. Dis time for my masters. Initially I did it to make my parents happy. But now that I'm here, I'm having a really good time and I realise that I really like being in school. I guess the lecturer thing aint so bad after all. I get high evrytime after class coz of the rush. There are lots of new people frm diffrent backgrounds and we're doing lots of different new things. For the past month I've made frens wit 4 iranians, 1 of whom shafik and I brought to Akademi Seni Kebangsaan to watch Menora, gone to an art exhibition, found out a lot more interesting stuffs frm my classmates. The only PROBLEM now is that I dont yet have a problem to solve for my research.

3) Found a lost love.... books
its been a loooong time since harry potter hve I read anything other.
a) Harmony silk factory by tash aw - To fulfill my curiosity of this Malaysian literary piece. Interesting and told in the perspective of 3 different people. But his explanation on the various foliage of greenery kinds of distracts.
b) How stella got her groove back - I like that she describes people like food which makes this book yummy that way. And coming back frm Redang fresh with fever, the setting in Jamaica reminded me so much of the island experience. A bit too good to be true though. Bt its based on a true story. In reality though, the fairytale ended.
c) Tuesdays with Morrie - Poignant. Touching. Simple. A teacher- student relationship that crosses all boundaries. A small guide to life. I love this book.
d) the incident that killed the dog in the night - One of a kind. Unique. Really really good. Tiring bt GOOOOOD.
e) anansi boys by neil gaiman - As expected of Neil Gaiman, a blend of Labyrinth meets Never Ending Story meets the Jungle book meets Alice in wonderland. pure gaiman genius.

Okay gtg!