Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finally, berjaye juge akhirnye ku upload...

Presenting the amazing director of PGL, Zahim Al Bakri.

I admire this guy for doing what he does. Hope to be able to see "spilt gravy on rice" (pls stage it again!) this year, can finally afford to watch theatre, haha...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dear Sunday,

You're boring
You let me down

On Tuesday you entice me
with promises of fun and laughter
I can't wait to see you
and its only a Wednesday

Awaiting something special
I'm shivering with anticipation
Oh yes!! Thursday's here!

By Friday I was high
You're on your way
It's coming! it's coming!
Then came Saturday,
I'm getting excited, I'm smiling already

Today you dawned upon me
I waited with eager eyes,
What hast thou for me????


Where is the surprise?
Surely you've planned something?
Perhaps a small one at the end of the day?

I'm still waiting
I'm still hoping
Now you're already leaving

I'm so disappointed in you
You're just like any other day
Now I dread the blues from Monday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Impianlah menggerak kehidupan....

That's a line from Puteri Gunung Ledang that I love. There's nothing really special about it. Just that it strucked certain chords.

I'm a dreamer. Always have been. Used to think it was a fault coz sometimes your imagination runs away with itself and you lose touch with reality.

I admire people who chase their dreams. It may look rosy when you achieve it, but the journey is a rocky one. It is never easy and almost always it is impossibble. The sheer hard work of trudging the road most hve given up on, it takes courage and a very BIG HEART. One such person whom i've met lately is Tiara Jacqueline.

Last weekend my family and I went to Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. To me it was a fantastic production. No doubt there were flaws, but the feeling it gave me when it ended was one of utter joy and sadness ( of the good kind). The thing that touched me most of all was that it was melimpah with love. No, I dont mean by Putri Gusti n Hang Tuah. But by every single person who made it happen. It was definitely a labour of love and it showed. The set was beautiful, the dancing marvellous, the singing, the songs, the music, the costumes...I cant describe it, the whole thing worked ( even when Sultan mahmud did a Saturday Night fever Thing). I cant imagine how it must feel to be Tiara. All the hard work and...... well I'm speaking on my behalf la. It made me feel so good. One i hadnt felt in such a long time. One where you achieve your dreams, one that you worked so hard for ...... It's the closest feeling to flying. And those who know me definitely know one of my ultimate dreams is to be able to fly.

I have many dreams. Mmg kuat berangan la. Well, when I was in primary school I wanted to be a dancer, a performer, like Madonna. U know when the teacher asks us to write what we want to be when we grow up? Well, Madonna was my answer. The feeling you get when you perform... wow. All the dance theme movies, name it, I've watched them all. Wishing I was the one in it.

Well, now 25 years old. That dream has berkubur. Not entirely no. But certain circumstances like, it is something my father wouldn't approve of, it's not encouraged in religion to do it publicly and a whole lot of others hve contributed to not achieving THAT dream. But I still hope for a time. For just one performance. One mindblowing performance. One time to fly.

Maybe not in this world. Maybe in the hereafter I will get to realise my dream. And to go to heaven is my most ultimate dream. A place of happiness where anything is possible and fulfilled. There I will be Madonna, there I can be Britney.... there I can be anything.

But for now, there are still other dreams to chase. One binded to responsibility not just to me but also to others. For now, I can just share a little of happiness when I watch musicals like Puteri Gunung ledang, watch movies like Flashdance, listen to a beautiful songs like Alicia keys butterfly, see a painting like Van Gogh's, read books like harry potter, see a smile of happiness in others when thay achieve their dreams. For now I'll just be happy watching others achieve my dreams for me.

But i'll always have dreams, and i know it will be hard, but I am willing to give my heart and soul if it is the one thing that makes me happy. And for now that dream is to be the best daughter to my parents, to my siblings and family, best student to my teachers, best partner to my sayang, best friend to my friends, best worker to my boss, best citizen to the country and most of all best servant to God. Be the best that I can be and more so I can go to heaven where all dreams come true.

" when you give up your dreams, you die." - Flashdance