Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dear Sunday,

You're boring
You let me down

On Tuesday you entice me
with promises of fun and laughter
I can't wait to see you
and its only a Wednesday

Awaiting something special
I'm shivering with anticipation
Oh yes!! Thursday's here!

By Friday I was high
You're on your way
It's coming! it's coming!
Then came Saturday,
I'm getting excited, I'm smiling already

Today you dawned upon me
I waited with eager eyes,
What hast thou for me????


Where is the surprise?
Surely you've planned something?
Perhaps a small one at the end of the day?

I'm still waiting
I'm still hoping
Now you're already leaving

I'm so disappointed in you
You're just like any other day
Now I dread the blues from Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. very interesting poem.. (sambil mengurut-urut dagu)hmm..
aku suka your last post on "dreams" and aku ada rasa jeles sikit sebab tak dapat tgk pgl! heheh! hari sabtu nih kau ada kt s.alm? boleh ka kita jumpa? -enol-

Oreos said...

wishing you a better sunday next week!

sharkpitt said...

u think you have created a fan base!hah rasakan!

sharkpitt said...

i think you have created a fan base!yeah yeah