Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dancing is My Joy

I’m a sucker for dance movies.

So yesterday, I dragged my only friend who could layan my fetish for moving agile bodies, Pie, to watch Step Up 2: The Streets. After an hour and a half of cheering and ‘boogie’ing in our seats, until the cleanup crew had to wait for us and turn the lights back off cos we insisted on watching the whole credits till the end (thank you Galaxie Ampang, u guys are so sweet)…. Here’s what I’d like to share….

1) All dance movies have the same storyline.

No matter which era the movie is from or what style of dance, the storyline is basically the same. You start off with the protagonist, who’s a dancer of course, but is facing a problem (no money, parents disapproval, past trauma, mixing with the wrong crowd…) and that problem disables them from dancing and fulfilling their dreams. The next part is when they meet some people and start to kick themselves in the butt and tell themselves “hey, I can do this!”. This is followed by a series of challenges and obstacles which is shown by juxtaposition of many practice sessions scenes which is to show us, the audience, that dancing is a really tough thing. Then there’s the first challenge, the first ‘dance test’,that they will fail miserably and humiliate themselves at which this point they will think of hanging their dancing shoes (dance speak for quitting). And then there’s the ‘other person’, the one that gives the main role the reason to dance which will utter magic words that stops them from quitting. And finally there’s the FINALE. The final dance sequence, which is the ultimate pinnacle of dance movies, though they’ll try to make it stumble a bit so as not to be so predictable, but all ends well in boogieland, and it ends with everyone dancing away to the song while the credits roll up.

2) All dance movies have the same characters.

a) the underdog – this is usually the protagonist or a team (Take the Lead). Whatever they do, they suck at life, but they’re really good dancers and dance is their passion and their life. (Flashdance)

b) The dream killer – this can come in the form of the parents (Honey), or the dance school director (Step up 2), or anyone from their past. This character’s job is to kill the dream. They’re the ones who don’t believe in the underdog. Usually though, this character becomes supportive after the final dance sequence.

c) The best friend – a-ha, this part basically acts as the ‘fairy godmother’ in this story. They’re the one who’s gonna show you what’s cool and basically help pimp you out for the finale. Sometimes there’s gonna be a conflict with the best friend but usually, they’ll still help out in the end . (Shenille frm Save the Last Dance).

d) The love interest – oooh, this is the best part. Because dance movies have to be hot and passionate. Usually it’s the dance partner (Dirty Dancing 1). And this part you’ll have the really hot couple dance sequence (Dirty Dancing Havana Nights). But basically, this particular person will be the reason to dance your heart out for.

e) And of course, The Crew – these are basically the other dancers in the movie. (Grease) Sometimes they don’t act much, they’re pro dancers and will be in the big Finale dance sequence. Or they’re usually the outcast and are pretty loony characters (Fame, Centerstage). They provide the comic moments and usually have short but funny lines. (the short penguins from Happy Feet)

3) The acting is kayu, bt you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Dance movies are cheesy and highly predictable. But the reason you’ll walk away feeling like you had a blast of a time is because of the dance. Its like going to a party and you feel so hyped up (and everyone at the party can actually dance and have the same dance moves as everybody else- Dance With Me). And eventhough you cant do a plie-triple spin and a split, you’ll feel like you can boogie your worries away doing a robot dance or macarena. Oh come on, dats why we love Bollywood movies!!!! Plus these movies usually have the best soundtracks.

4) You will feel like nothing is impossible and all your dreams will come true.

Dance movies are about dreams. Its about achieving the impossible and believing in yourself. No matter how bad a state you’re in, you’ll always get that big break.

I’m a dreamer and a believer with undying faith. And I learn that from watching dance movies, haha.

There are still a lot more dance movies that I haven’t watch (Strictly Ballroom, pls someone get me the DVD!!!). And I’m still on my never ending quest to watch ALL dance movies and especially that FINALE. And I have to say that “Step Up 2: The Streets” have the meanest and coolest dance grooves in any finale I’ve seen.

Dang, and tho I may not be able to do the split and I don’t look as hot as Janet/Britney/ Aaliyah when I dance, I’ll keep on dancing. Dancing is joy to me. Which is why I need to get a job fast so I can pay for studio lessons!!!! Hahaha, until next time peeps, MOVE TO THE BEAT!!!!

"If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music"

lyrics - Pink