Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Had a break, head to Segamat.

1) Trains
Other than being the group that gave me "drops of Jupiter", Ia juga merupakan satu sistem pengangkutan yang disediakan oleh KTM. 3 hour train ride to Segamat, SWEET!! ( can we do it again sometime, sayang?) Slow lulling motion, comforting sounds of the wheels chugging on de track. No need to drive, extra leg room, big windows, beautiful view, no armrest at the tengah. A long lepak journey. Aaaaah... blissful.

2) Kambing dan Coleslaw

Rafiqa's family sure knows how to throw a bbq. The food was superbly excellente! The coleslaw made me happy. Never knew how a coleslaw can make me happy, but THAT coleslaw sure did. Happy happy coleslaw! I blew my 'I-wanna-body-like-Natasha Hudson-diet' to smithereens. The steak was juicy, succulent - ultimate pleasure - SWEET!! No one in their sane minds would refuse that ( 3 helpings of that to be exact). And with a company of people who definitely knows how to appreciate food, aaah even better. Hungarian horntails and nimbuses alike had some secret storage compartment in their perut for more n more food. We feast, and feast we did.

3) Boybands, Rock Kapak & Divas

Ater stuffing our limitless guts, time to ROAR.... with laughter. Acara wajib - the perfect bbq activity - KARAOKE. Oh my God, perut aku mmg pecah literally tgk aksi aksi rakyat Malaysia yg SOOOOO talented. Campak je ape2 lagu frm ape2 genre or zaman, they're sure to sahut the challenge, "takpe takpe, kite cuba, kite cuba...." .Kahkahkah. Though the whole estate yg takleh tido sampai 2am bcoz of our croonings would disagree, it was a fun FUN night. (nor the below 24 age clan who couldn't get the mic out of our hands).

4) Camera! Lake! aaand goodbye
Tido lambat, bangkit awal. Apsal? Panas. Haha... letrik takde so all the karaoke kings of yesterday woke up to sambung last night's dinner. Oooooh, happy coleslaw, nice to see you..... Then to drain all the cholesterol (konon, like it helpslaa...) we went for a stroll around the lake (well not exactly around, 1/8 pon tak sampai) for some merry digital image making of naturalistic surroundings (natural lake ke? I'm not sure.) After taking enuff pictures mengalahkan top model punye portfolio, we head on back to the house to pack (food included) n go home. ( not b4 indulging in lychees n cherries n chocolates.......)

5) Fed, happy & back to the mean streets of KL.
Hmmm... I went to Segamat, not knowing what to expect. I was surprised that my makbapak let me go. The journey, the whole stay was memorable n made me happy enuff to be recharged for my days ahead. It was a much needed break and a break it definitely was.

Rafiqa & Family - Thanx for the excellent food and marvellous hospitality. Please, can I come again? (muke tak malu, hihi..)

Jumy, Udin, Najla and all the below 24 age clan - TQ for great company and moments of hilarious laughter.

KTM - for providing lovely train rides : )

Shafik - For being you, for being there, for giving me the chance to experience great experiences.

Almighty Big Guy - for letting me live another day, for joy n happiness, for rezeki. for ilmu, for family n friends. And for love. Alhamdulillah syukur.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I think I'm gonna make my blog a place to 'berangan'.

So 1st session in order.... B for berangan R for reality

B - I'm with my mak, bapak and nani on our way to KLIA for our flight to China for a week of holidaying.
R - WAAAAAAA!!!!!! nape tinggalkan ina ??????

B - I'm not working tomorrow and I can go for my 2nd helping of HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! ( plus the movie is actually LIKE the book)
R- My final month as designer for Black n Brown. I still hve to work tho I'll be starting on 2nd January in KEPONG. ( god, why the hell did I put myself thru this hell???). And the movie is nuthin like the book. Dobby where art thou?

B - I'm working in an ad agency as art director and they pay me loads for my IDEAS aka 'mengarut'ing.
R - I'm going to be in publishing (layout,layout, layout). They pay me ok. ( juz in case they read this)

B - I'm DRIVING my own car. For starters Savvy okayla. It is much more keras kan? Like if I hit something ke, I'll be ok, right? maybe I shud get a volvo instead. It is the 'safest car in the world' kan? And i'm free to roam the land for food and pleasure, oops I mean leisure.
R - I hve a full license and I can't drive a kereta lembu even. and being in kepong means my social life is NIL. Buy a car? with what? I can't even afford new underwear! Not that there's anything wrong with my underwear la...

B - I'm a superhero wtith superpowers to torture and kill sex predators and offenders, paedophiles and such. My powers wud be to ************ their ***********. And seek justice for all the kids and those who hve been harmed by these assholes and shitheads.
R - I can't do anything to stop these crimes and its increasing rapidly. And I just wish they'd all die. painfully.

B - I'm so damn rich I cud hve all my family and friends and their family and my boyfriend and his family fulfill their every dreams. And still hve enuff money left to feed third world countries and end their debts and make programs so they can self sustain. And be oprah's buddy.
R - Oprah is as close to me as my tv set.

B - I could eat anything in the whole wide world that my gastronomous heart desires and not be fat.
R - I eat a little extra and "poof!" I'm ROUND. like some engorgement charm. Unlike Shafik who can eat like a Hungarian Horntail dragon and still be like a Nimbus 2000. (Broomstick, geddit?)

B - I actually look like an actual size of Brandy frm Liberty Meadows.
R - I'm Brandy at some parts but vertically, I'm more of a Frank.

B - Somebody wud pay me for reading my blog. Hey, you there!
R - Its free. While I still can't figure it out.........

B - A remake of all Harry Potter movies which does as much justice to the book as Peter Jackson to LOTTR.
R - Damn you stupid director, screenplay writer!!!!

B - I hve all the time in the world to berangan sepuas hati in this vitually virtual space.
R - I hve not.

Friday, November 04, 2005

hari raye bersama sepet n bionic woman

laksa johor, lodeh, rendang, mi bandung n everything else on the side. yup, itu menu hari raya di rumah saya. Semuanya mak saya masak. Dia mmg bionic woman. dari cabut isi ikan ke menyimpul spaghetti semua dia buat sendiri. mmg kitorang tolong but die tak kasi buat ape2 sgt takut kacau ke"authenticity" annye. so we're merely delegated to the dishes departement. Tahun ni 1st time raye tak balik Johor. mes grand-parents are no more plus my parents pun dah bercucu 6 jd its high time we have our own raye. None of d girls plus my mak ade baju raya. tak sempat nk buat n in my case takde duit pon (dah keje kene beli baju sendiri, tp bapak bg subsidi jugak, hihi). 1st time jugak aku bagi duit raye kt org instead of terima, walaupu cuma to my 6 anak buah je,terase begitu besar skali. tp best. As usual gambar aku slalu takde sbb balik2 aku jadi camera woman ( nk buat camne, aku plg pandai amik gambar0staying true to my janji to Shafik i did not do my usual fare of eating all the dishes in 1 sitting. i tried my best to just amik 1 simpul spaghetti je waktu pg n ptg baru makan lodeh. Oh, how hell it feels!! but wearing last year's kebaya that i could barely fit definitely helps to remind me why i hve to put myself thru this hell n resist all the lovely food of the world. sob sob. today sbenarnye 1 family je tg dtg bertandang. uncle lawrence n aunty khim hve been close friends to my parents since dulu kala. we usually go on holidays together n anak diorang malcolm sebaya ngan saya n tung hong sebaya adik saya nani. kirenye my sepet experience wud be wit them n ironically td kitorang tgk sepet sesama. yup, they stayed the whole day since morn. Nani td konon malu bile tung hong letak tgn kt bahu die mase amik gambar, hahaha.... happy 2c thy're still friends. as 4 me n malcolm, boarding school drifted our friendship apart n if not 4 talking bout sepet we barely exchange 2 words. Haha td aunty punye comment " Wah so pretty already ah you!!!!" buat aku happy, hihi. Esok my sayang dtg beraye , yeay! Uh oh i forgot to take out my contacts, kena korek biji mate......

Thursday, September 29, 2005

isn't it ironic?

1) My dad told me to stay home and not work while waiting for my SPM results coz he was scared of the danger. Someone broke into my house and beat me up with a helmet and left me to die.

2) I bought the lock to my rumah sewa and duplicated the keys for my hsemates and told them to lock the grille at all times. Someone broke into my hse while I was on mc alone at home.

3) I went jogging at Lakeview Subang for three months and lost 7 kg. I got stung by a swarm of wasps during one of the sessions then I had to be hospitalized and had water pumped thru me and I gained all those kgs and more coz of the drugs.

4) I was top student at uni. I couldn't graduate on time with my classmates cos I failed one subject.

5) I took art and design coz i knew I wanted to be a creative director in an ad agency since I was 15. Most creative directors are copy based not design based. ( But I'm just writing this to fill in the topic of irony, I'm gonna be a cd or ad either way)

6) I had a lecturer who believed in me and knew well of what I could do. She went to do her Phd during my third year.

7) I had a bestfriend in high school and we were really close. Now we're like strangers.

8) My lecturers gave me a C for my final project. The external examiner gave me the highest mark in the class.

9) I suck really bad in BM writing, I failed my bm during trials, i had to tuition for my Bm writing since I was 12. I got A1 for my Bm paper for SPM. my teacher cried. And just last week I interviewed for a Malay copywriter position.

10) My kampung is a brick hse in JB.

11) I dont want to hve a blog. But I love writing.

12) I'm writing this when I intend to write something else.

13) I think I'm ironic but I'm not.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Funny, how the circumstances for the existence of this blog is.


WHEN? sabtu 24/9/2005 (3 SATURDAYS DR SKARANG)
time, actually start around 5. Kalau nk dtg lg awal lg best bole tolong2 set up. And then ade special appearance by Nikky bcoz she cant make it mlm tu so die dtg the day b4 n balik ptg esoknya.

WHERE? rumah enoll, no 2 jln pinggir 8/1L Seksyen 8 Shah Alam.

WHAT? potluck, bwk food sendiri

HOW? dresscode sempoi gelle, comfy2 and hve a hint of blue kalau nak.

WHO? all cannians 94, yes all 30 of you.

WHY? why not?

checklist ( things to bawa )

1. makanan
main dish: spaghetti - irin, enol, eni.
drinks: enol. (if nk bwk lagi ok je.the more the merrier)
side dish aka lauk : chicken, potato, lasagna, macaroni???? just suggestions for korang.....
dessert : puding, cake, buah2an??
Snacks: chips, chocs, candy??

yg lain tu anybody can confirm, book dulu so x clash, tell me i'll post it here. Korang pakat pakat geng geng bwk satu benda pun okay, kite tak nak membazir, ape ape pun informla saye ke enol.

2. gambar terkini korang biar nampak muke sket saiz ala ala pasport. adela sumthing nk buat mlm tu....

3. telekung nnti dptle kite smayang jemaah maghrib sesama.

4. DIRI SENDIRI yg relax n ready to hve fun

5. KEGEMBIRAAN / HAPPY yg banyak banyak

6. SENYUM yg besar besar!!!!!!

7. CAMERA to rakam the happy2joy2 moments

ATTENTION, present takyah bwk, cancel.

Ni org2 yg dh confirm... :D
  1. alfieya ( dorm leader mesti dtg...)
  2. nogha ( baru blk oversea nih pon dtg gak!)
  3. saucy ( baru konvo....)
  4. juan ( takkan tak miss juan kot???}
  5. enol ( enol malu.... tuan rumah takkan tak dtg kot?)
  6. eni ( superstar mase last reunion, tawau mali!!!)
  7. hani (ooops doktor hani... hihi)
  8. chikot (bile last korang jumpe die?)
  9. nikky ( tp limited edition)
  10. irah ( dulu omputih, skarg????)
  11. ipah ( mesti ramai miss die)
  12. jaja ( enter frame lg minah ni.. hihi )
  13. zureen ( iye zureen kau mmg confirm dtg....)
  14. ilmi (frm miri tau!)
  15. irin ( eh, aku tak dtg kot? NOT!!!!)
  16. oya ( ini manyak susah mau carik oooo.....


  1. wanie (nk dtg tp takleh confirm lg)
  2. didie (nk dtg ssgt, insya Allah kalu tesis presentation x clash)
  3. dayang ( hani ckp die turun skali bt have yet to inform us)
  4. zehan ( tgh nk push outstationnye date)
  5. olin ( maybe pg umrah time tu)
  6. rabia

tak dapat datang :(

  1. aidah (busy)
  2. cidot (exam nk jd doktor)
  3. chipook ( exam juge nk jd doktor)

pls sesape pujukla diorg yg di atas ni dtg kejap je pon takpe.....


  1. adel
  2. azah
  3. luna
  4. effa
  5. murni

anybody yg tau how to contact orang2 ni, pls tell us ASAP.

email irin

email enol