Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Had a break, head to Segamat.

1) Trains
Other than being the group that gave me "drops of Jupiter", Ia juga merupakan satu sistem pengangkutan yang disediakan oleh KTM. 3 hour train ride to Segamat, SWEET!! ( can we do it again sometime, sayang?) Slow lulling motion, comforting sounds of the wheels chugging on de track. No need to drive, extra leg room, big windows, beautiful view, no armrest at the tengah. A long lepak journey. Aaaaah... blissful.

2) Kambing dan Coleslaw

Rafiqa's family sure knows how to throw a bbq. The food was superbly excellente! The coleslaw made me happy. Never knew how a coleslaw can make me happy, but THAT coleslaw sure did. Happy happy coleslaw! I blew my 'I-wanna-body-like-Natasha Hudson-diet' to smithereens. The steak was juicy, succulent - ultimate pleasure - SWEET!! No one in their sane minds would refuse that ( 3 helpings of that to be exact). And with a company of people who definitely knows how to appreciate food, aaah even better. Hungarian horntails and nimbuses alike had some secret storage compartment in their perut for more n more food. We feast, and feast we did.

3) Boybands, Rock Kapak & Divas

Ater stuffing our limitless guts, time to ROAR.... with laughter. Acara wajib - the perfect bbq activity - KARAOKE. Oh my God, perut aku mmg pecah literally tgk aksi aksi rakyat Malaysia yg SOOOOO talented. Campak je ape2 lagu frm ape2 genre or zaman, they're sure to sahut the challenge, "takpe takpe, kite cuba, kite cuba...." .Kahkahkah. Though the whole estate yg takleh tido sampai 2am bcoz of our croonings would disagree, it was a fun FUN night. (nor the below 24 age clan who couldn't get the mic out of our hands).

4) Camera! Lake! aaand goodbye
Tido lambat, bangkit awal. Apsal? Panas. Haha... letrik takde so all the karaoke kings of yesterday woke up to sambung last night's dinner. Oooooh, happy coleslaw, nice to see you..... Then to drain all the cholesterol (konon, like it helpslaa...) we went for a stroll around the lake (well not exactly around, 1/8 pon tak sampai) for some merry digital image making of naturalistic surroundings (natural lake ke? I'm not sure.) After taking enuff pictures mengalahkan top model punye portfolio, we head on back to the house to pack (food included) n go home. ( not b4 indulging in lychees n cherries n chocolates.......)

5) Fed, happy & back to the mean streets of KL.
Hmmm... I went to Segamat, not knowing what to expect. I was surprised that my makbapak let me go. The journey, the whole stay was memorable n made me happy enuff to be recharged for my days ahead. It was a much needed break and a break it definitely was.

Rafiqa & Family - Thanx for the excellent food and marvellous hospitality. Please, can I come again? (muke tak malu, hihi..)

Jumy, Udin, Najla and all the below 24 age clan - TQ for great company and moments of hilarious laughter.

KTM - for providing lovely train rides : )

Shafik - For being you, for being there, for giving me the chance to experience great experiences.

Almighty Big Guy - for letting me live another day, for joy n happiness, for rezeki. for ilmu, for family n friends. And for love. Alhamdulillah syukur.


sharkpitt said...

pandai tulisla sayang

odah said...

seronok ye kau berkaraoke! jeles nih.. anyway irina, satu cerita yang menarik, aku dapat merasakan kegembiraannye.. and yes.. the train ride, rementikk kan? :-)

thinker bell said... gilos..can i juz link to urs instead..i sure cant write any better that u did

odah said...

bile update nak blog??i want to hear all about ur new life!!