Sunday, December 04, 2005

I think I'm gonna make my blog a place to 'berangan'.

So 1st session in order.... B for berangan R for reality

B - I'm with my mak, bapak and nani on our way to KLIA for our flight to China for a week of holidaying.
R - WAAAAAAA!!!!!! nape tinggalkan ina ??????

B - I'm not working tomorrow and I can go for my 2nd helping of HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! ( plus the movie is actually LIKE the book)
R- My final month as designer for Black n Brown. I still hve to work tho I'll be starting on 2nd January in KEPONG. ( god, why the hell did I put myself thru this hell???). And the movie is nuthin like the book. Dobby where art thou?

B - I'm working in an ad agency as art director and they pay me loads for my IDEAS aka 'mengarut'ing.
R - I'm going to be in publishing (layout,layout, layout). They pay me ok. ( juz in case they read this)

B - I'm DRIVING my own car. For starters Savvy okayla. It is much more keras kan? Like if I hit something ke, I'll be ok, right? maybe I shud get a volvo instead. It is the 'safest car in the world' kan? And i'm free to roam the land for food and pleasure, oops I mean leisure.
R - I hve a full license and I can't drive a kereta lembu even. and being in kepong means my social life is NIL. Buy a car? with what? I can't even afford new underwear! Not that there's anything wrong with my underwear la...

B - I'm a superhero wtith superpowers to torture and kill sex predators and offenders, paedophiles and such. My powers wud be to ************ their ***********. And seek justice for all the kids and those who hve been harmed by these assholes and shitheads.
R - I can't do anything to stop these crimes and its increasing rapidly. And I just wish they'd all die. painfully.

B - I'm so damn rich I cud hve all my family and friends and their family and my boyfriend and his family fulfill their every dreams. And still hve enuff money left to feed third world countries and end their debts and make programs so they can self sustain. And be oprah's buddy.
R - Oprah is as close to me as my tv set.

B - I could eat anything in the whole wide world that my gastronomous heart desires and not be fat.
R - I eat a little extra and "poof!" I'm ROUND. like some engorgement charm. Unlike Shafik who can eat like a Hungarian Horntail dragon and still be like a Nimbus 2000. (Broomstick, geddit?)

B - I actually look like an actual size of Brandy frm Liberty Meadows.
R - I'm Brandy at some parts but vertically, I'm more of a Frank.

B - Somebody wud pay me for reading my blog. Hey, you there!
R - Its free. While I still can't figure it out.........

B - A remake of all Harry Potter movies which does as much justice to the book as Peter Jackson to LOTTR.
R - Damn you stupid director, screenplay writer!!!!

B - I hve all the time in the world to berangan sepuas hati in this vitually virtual space.
R - I hve not.

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