Thursday, September 29, 2005

isn't it ironic?

1) My dad told me to stay home and not work while waiting for my SPM results coz he was scared of the danger. Someone broke into my house and beat me up with a helmet and left me to die.

2) I bought the lock to my rumah sewa and duplicated the keys for my hsemates and told them to lock the grille at all times. Someone broke into my hse while I was on mc alone at home.

3) I went jogging at Lakeview Subang for three months and lost 7 kg. I got stung by a swarm of wasps during one of the sessions then I had to be hospitalized and had water pumped thru me and I gained all those kgs and more coz of the drugs.

4) I was top student at uni. I couldn't graduate on time with my classmates cos I failed one subject.

5) I took art and design coz i knew I wanted to be a creative director in an ad agency since I was 15. Most creative directors are copy based not design based. ( But I'm just writing this to fill in the topic of irony, I'm gonna be a cd or ad either way)

6) I had a lecturer who believed in me and knew well of what I could do. She went to do her Phd during my third year.

7) I had a bestfriend in high school and we were really close. Now we're like strangers.

8) My lecturers gave me a C for my final project. The external examiner gave me the highest mark in the class.

9) I suck really bad in BM writing, I failed my bm during trials, i had to tuition for my Bm writing since I was 12. I got A1 for my Bm paper for SPM. my teacher cried. And just last week I interviewed for a Malay copywriter position.

10) My kampung is a brick hse in JB.

11) I dont want to hve a blog. But I love writing.

12) I'm writing this when I intend to write something else.

13) I think I'm ironic but I'm not.


sharkpitt said...

hello!hi can berkenakalan?hehe....please write best!

thinker bell said...

ironic...very..well if it wasnt ironic in the first place, u can nvr wonder y at all dat it happens..