Sunday, March 05, 2006

the story of Amani

She was a girl of 25. Working at a company called Werk-haus as a junior art director where she had been a designer for 3 years. She drives a bright BMW mini cooper. Has a cute apartment in Damansara Perdana which is furnished in her own custom designed furniture. She has her own brand of stationery products that are sought after designer items. She has a bright beautiful smile. A weekly columnist in a leading newspaper and contributor to KLUE magazine. A store in One Utama which carries her design frm t shirts to notebooks. She plays futsal weekly with her friends. Once a week she goes to Urban Groove studio for dance classes. She spends her weekend with her family where here 3 nieces and 4 nephews loves her cooking. Her parents are happily retired and receiving money frm her siblings and her. She has a great reputaion for her design and writings. Her blog attracts a quite sizable audience. Occasionally she gives motivational talks to young people on having dreams and achieving them. Part time she lectures in UiTM on design. Her classes are very popular with the students. She has 3 close friends whom she trusts. Friends who are there for each other in time of need. They share a close bond like sister. They do fun things together, come up with creative projects and argue about issues intellectually. Every month she buys 2 books frm Kinokuniya to add to her already vast collection of books. At home she cooks and at times entertain her friends and family. She gives fantastic presents to friends and family. Her boyfriend is a sucessful engineer for a well known company. He is an intellectual with a sense of humor and shares her love for food, travel and dreaming. They had been best friends for a long time before. He is a gentleman and knows how to treat her well. Her family approves of him for he is a good man of faith and they are confident he can take good care of their daughter.They've been together for 4 years and plans to get married in 2 years. She gets along well with his family and they treat her like one of them. She loves spending time travelling and experiencing different food and culture with her loved ones. She has her own style of dressing and looks attractive with the tudung. She is intelligent and has a positive outlook in life. Eventhough she is sucessful, she never forgets to enrich her spiritual side at all times. She is proof that a girl wearing tudung can succeed in the commercial world. She produces great design and her ideas are always fresh and original. She has enough money for herself and loved ones and still some left for creative endeavours and people in need. She plans to work at home when she starts a family so she can take good care of her children. Her reputation is enough for her to freelance on her Mac in her home studio. She hopes to live a happy life with her family until the hereafter.

p/s : This is just a fiction. Got nothing to do with any of you.
wishlist for today.

1) something happy, something joyful.

2) my nephew and Pie to be out frm hosp.

3) expression of undying love frm someone, anyone

4) a nice present.

5) an unexpected surprise visit

6) Baskin Robbins "chunky chewy chip choc " flavoured ice cream

7) a trip to the beach

8) not having to go to work tomorrow

9) all my problems figured out.

10) all my laundry done

11) a hug, a kiss, a smile

12) something funny

13) a compliment

14) a breakthrough idea

15) flowers

16) something more interesting to say in my blog