Monday, November 13, 2006

Tell me if this isn’t bliss.

It’s raining heavily outside, got my tummy stuffed with roast lamb, listening to Norah Jones (my sis nani calls it lagu2 tido) and blogging while lying on my bed. Bestnyerrrr….!!! Relaxing on a Saturday without a care in the world. This is sooooo good. I really got to get one of these babies, iBook I mean.

Ni without internet ni, kalau ade fuh, layaannn… Boleh google images… yup, dat’s 1 of activity yg best untuk relief kerja. Search google images for pics yang cecantik2 and kumpul, then buat collage… suke gile!! I’ve been doing it for so long. Dulu mase skolah2 used to do it on my desk with cutouts from mags and papers. Combine the pics with caption yang best2. I was born to be a graphic designer hahaaaa….. Its like a motivational poster laaa, plus its personal, I can relate to the images and captions. Memang memberi prasaan yg best.

Maybe sumtime soon I’ll upload some of my collages. Norah Jones is 1 singer I love to listen to time2 hujan. Berangan gile. Other rainy day songs, are like sarah mclachlan and joni Mitchell. To me its has a soothing slightly melancholic touch which feels like when you’re selubung in your comforter mase kt luar sejuk gile and you’re all warm and fuzzy and ade bau raindrops and coffee. If I could visualize it, die mcm iklan Nescafe yg ade Nasha Aziz blk rumah lps hujan, ade baju2 putih flowing kena tiup angin kt ampaian, ade kucing masuk pintu, bunyi kettle masak air, Nasha lap rambut tgh pakai bathrobe, die buat secawan Nescafe, asap air panas kuar dr mug, duduk atas couch yg comfy and enjoying coffee. Rumah die mcm rumah kedai lame2 dulu yg tingkap die cam pintu. That’s one of my favourite iklan forever. It gave me a really feel good feeling. That was an ideal scene of what I enjoy.

“if I were a painter, I would paint my reverie……..” –norah jones

I love music that gives me a certain feeling, a mood and tells a story. I hope in the future I’d be able to wire my whole house so I could listen to music in the bath, the kitchen, the bedroom, everywhere….! Kalau lg gempak, the songs are classified by mood and ade sensor yg boleh sense the mood I’m in and play the music accordingly. Like Alanis time tgh marah, rushing, busy. Pussycat dolls, sean paul for sexy dance sessions. N sync or bsb for time buat keje mengemas. Eric Clapton for sad bt happy times, craig david and sugababes time yg rase cool, josh groban to lift my spirits. Old skool rock time time aggressive and frust. Ella for tringat zaman kanak2. Sheila majid for lounging times. TLC for groove…. Byk lglaa…

There are certain songs for certain situations. Sometimes the song plays in my head. Like a sountrack to your life. Someone get me an iPod la 4 my birthday. I think I shud be a spokesperson la for Mac. Haha.

“when ur song is done, will the love be gone?” – sugababes

enol menyampuk:

Certain songs sangat kuat kesannya dalam my life, they mark special chapters or episodes of my life. Macam penanda-penanda buku yang kalau ditarik keluar dari buku, automatically akan membawa saya ke suatu masa atau peristiwa, mengalami, menikmati semula emosi atau perasaan saya ketika itu.


“Save Tonight” Lenny Kravits ( tak sure spelling die camne )
malam akhir sekolah, last day SPM, semua orang tengah giler-giler tahap max, lepak and menyanyi atas bumbung, jalan-jalan atas gajah menyusu dan sebagainya… aku tengah tengok irin packing kat room die, and tetibe lagu ni keluar kat radio. So, sampai sekarang kalau dengar lagu nih mesti teringat saat tuh.. lagu nih menggambarkan exactly macam mana aku tgh rasa pada masa tuh… dan kebetulan keluar pula pada masa yang sangat tepat;

save tonight
and fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow, tomorrow I’d be gone.

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