Sunday, April 16, 2006

Everytime aku bukak blog ni, nk letak post baru yg aku dh lame terpikir sepanjang minggu, aku jd blank. Ntahle, there's so much that I want to say, when the time comes, I just write some silly stuff. Aku rindu sangat nk cakap dengan enol. One of benda joyful yang aku dh lame tak buat. Tp nape aku tak call die? Kekurangan kredit mungkin salah satu darinya dan spperti masalah aku nk berblog. I got so much to say, my kredit wont be enuff, then I'll feel bad cos tak puas ckp dah kena Bye.

I miss my friends. I live far away and work takes up too much for me to spend time with them. Weekends are too short and has to be filled with daughterly duties and responsibility to self cleanliness like laundry. Naseb baik arini Pie datang dgn spaghetti bolognaisenye yg sedap tu. Even for a short while, it made me really happy.

In 15 mins aku dh kena end this entry, sebab my love Lex Luthor dh seru my name. My weekly doses of him make mondays more bearable. And I still havent said everything I want to in this space. SPEED!

Friday dates are lovely fun. I watched one bollywood love story, 1 thai scary movie, 1 english period movie, 1 hong kong action movie this weekend. My sister nani came back. She's so thin now. I think she might be too cool to be sisters wit me soon. I want Ella's a journey beyond album. Enol I miss you!!!! Lex I'm coming!!!!!!!!!


oya said...

alaa ciannya... aku pun menunggu saat2 kau sambung masters & kembali ke sisi kami... baru je cakap kat enol hari tu... then she turned to me and say, "kenapa? kau rindu kat irin eh?"

ilmi said...

irin lurve, ur blog dah alive balik rupenye.hee. used to frequent it, tp mcm takdak update, then i forgot the add.tahahaha. nway glad that i visit n found it is, online again. miss u girl. mwahhhhh.nway u look beautifulll in that pic with the zahim guy ;)