Thursday, June 20, 2013

Only One Is True

19 June 2013, Wednesday

I just came back from the clinic Al Hikmah. After telling all the stuffs I could remember, if my 1st day of my last period was 30th march 2013, the baby should be 11 to 12 weeks by now.

Then I went to the next room for an ultrasound. My second one, the last one was last Monday at Nik Suzet, the doctor couldn’t find anything, but she tested my urine. Positive. Congratulations, she said.

Today, the doctor still could’nt find anything, in fact she said my uterus wasn’t a pregnant uterus. It was empty. It should be able to show by now. She made me take another urine test. It still tested positive.

She wrote a referral letter for me to go see a gynae. On it she wrote 'unable to visualize pregnancy’.        

I asked “Are there any other reasons that the test could be positive other than pregnancy?”

She said there are many reasons for a false positive, but usually not when taken more than twice. I took it 4 times. She said I need to go for a more thorough check.

I looked up false positive on the internet and there were many reasons why but it is very rare. But all the other reasons can be overruled except for some.

Thursday, 20th June 2013

I don’t know what to feel or think. It is only by His Grace and His Mercy that everything is able and possible.

Tawakkal. I leave it all up to you Allah. Most Knowing, Most Exhalted.

Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing Prof Eugene at PPUM. He used to be Mama’s OB Gynae. I have to be prepared for many possibilities.

LailahaillAllah. Only One thing is true.

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