Friday, January 20, 2012

Bring me to the sea at dusk.

Bring me to the sea at dusk

Let the sound of the waves drown the silent screams inside my heart

Let the colour of the sky blanket me in calm

Let the last rays of the sun bathe me in warmth

Let the waves wash away my dirt

Let the bubbles and foam uplift my soul

Let the wind blow my troubles away

Let the shape of the clouds take my eyes afar

Let the speckles of light dust me in their glitter

Let the smell of the air rush through my nose and rid me of smoke and choke

Let the darkness slowly overtake the light in a peaceful rhythm

Let the beauty of the Divine overwhelm me

O bring me to the sea

and let me be.

I wrote this while watching the sunset on youtube here, and listening to the evocative music playlist here. Click on the links if you want to feel what I felt. I miss the sea.


hacker said...


The Girl with One Painted Nail said...

This is great!! :)

Short & Sweet said...

I love the sea as well! And I enjoyed your poem! Gotta love nature!