Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Questions

I'm in the midst of reading Gisele Scanlon's The Goddess Experience. My adik tersayang, Nani gave it to me. Its thoroughly enjoyable for me because it sounds like something I would write or say, haha. To me, its a blog in book form about basically anything that she would like to talk about. What I would like to share however, are the 3 questions that she goes around asking people she meets.

1) What makes you happy?
Beauty. I love beauty in all its forms, be it people or things or places or experiences. Of course, the notion of beauty in my eye probably differs from other people. For instance, today, my colourful folders on my desk at the office brings me joy. On some other days, the colour of the blue sky makes my day.

2) What is luxury to you?
Silence. Its rare and very valuable. Peace and quiet allows me to indulge in things I love uninterrupted. Oh, and nature. Being close to nature is a luxury. Even looking at sunrise or a full moon or even a clear sky is something to rejoice in, because luxury to me is something that is not exactly a need but I want it, I want it, I want it.

3) What would you buy if you had a million bucks?
I like that she phrased the question that she used the word 'buy'. Because it basically means material, and it is so you do not feel guilty for not answering charity or an answer that would actually mean 'good deed'. Because the question really asks you 'so what do you want?' without judgement, because all humans have 'wants' apart from needs and since what others think are so imperial, we would answer the question with the 'right' answer instead of what we really would have. Maybe.

Well, I would buy my dream house. A beautiful house. Materialistically, I want to own a beautiful piece of property that I would call home. Yes that would be it. Although, being human, a million would hardly be enough for a house.

Why did I write this piece? its a very self centered one I know. I love to ask questions, I can find out a lot about a person and find out new things. But at times I also liked to be asked. And since nobody else is interested to know about me, I ask these to myself. Because when people are worrying about the world ending in 2012, I like to enjoy the world for what it is - worldly.

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Brian Donnelly said...

Hi Ironi.One million bucks should be enough for a big house....guess it depends if it is beach front property and what country huh. I don't have one million but if i did I would buy a big house too....I did not know the world was ending 2012.Oh well....peace and serenity are priceless so i'll start enjoying it now, uninterupted, now that would be a joy.
Cheers Brian