Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Colour Purple.

The colour purple reminds me of

sleeping underneath the moonlight

reading a book by the window with the rain on the window pane

watching a sunset by the beach

soothing acoustic songs by Mia Palencia

the early hours of the morning when everything is quiet and still

the smell of trees after the rain

when I open the window at night and the wind gently blows into my face

magical escapades to secret places

exotic flowers that smell heavenly

wrapped up in a cosy warm blanket

soft velvet cushions and drapes

an intricate golden mirror
the stars in the sky on a clear, quiet night

sitting on a rooftop and breathing slowly

lying on the grass and watching the starry night sky

the sound of waves by the sea

my feet sinking into wet sand

the clouds on a grey sky

candlelit conversations

holding hands in the dark

watching fireworks on the balcony

a mountaintop view of the lit up city at night

the reflection of the full moon on the surface of the ocean


reza said...

its preety much barney for me, oowh and my old valcrow strapped wallet, i was a gift...

Joanna's Blogg said...