Friday, January 13, 2012

God, please help me.

I find it curiously amusing that when I look at the stats on my blog, this is what i found;

So there are a number of people on this planet who searched these words on the internet and found my blog. These statistics are for 'all time' since my blog started in 2005. As you can very well see, half of the keywords that led to my blog are along the lines of "God, please help me."

No, I am not surprised at the fact that there are people who type that in their browsers. In fact, I may have done so myself. What piques my interest, however, is I was wondering what did they find when they click on the link

Did they find what they were looking for? And a part of me is even worried that my writing might have misled them. I tried Googling the same exact keywords but my blog did not turn up in the results, maybe they were using a different browser or search engine. I am particularly interested in which entry of mine turned up as a result, but I didn't get it, my blog didn't come up at all in Google.

When I started this blog, it was merely a space for me to pen my thoughts as sort of a journal or diary. Writing helps calm me, a catharsis of sorts. It helps me deal with a lot of things, it clears my mind, sometimes even 'pujuk' me at times, but mostly its a way for me to wander inside my own imagination. I never expected to have an audience, let alone a following.

But my blog has done more than what I meant it to be. I found that my writing 'finds' people. Loved ones who had been lost for years, people who were strangers before and now are good friends, even people who are just wandering are connected by this little space. And that connection is what amazes me.

I hope, whoever comes across my blog, whether accidentally or on purpose, is touched in a good way by what they find here. I never meant to hurt anyone nor to lead them astray, my words are not religion, they are merely expressions of my thoughts and feelings. As I am only human, I am bound by flaws and mistakes.

So if you happen to type "God, please help me" in your search and happen to be directed to my blog, I wish to say to you;

Hello there friend, do not despair. HE will help you. For He is Most Gracious Most Merciful. Just be patient. There is nothing more worthy than His love and remember, we will all return unto Him. To serve Him is all that matters, nothing else. If you believe truly that there is none greater, than everything else is small in comparison. God bless.