Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Home Made of Dreams.

*This entry is best viewed alongside Google Image for references*

When I have a beautiful house like the one in Practical Magic (torn down after the movie) or The Le Coq D'Or Mansion aka Bok House in Jalan Ampang KL (now torn down, stupid city council), as close to the blue ocean like Maldives,
I would have....

my kitchen and dining area to look warm and wholesome like Nando's,

a mysterious library like Hogwart's,

a charming dance room with mirrors like Flashdance + Step Up,

a vintage but modern studio like the architecture firm in Cinta or the old Cenfad building,

and a bathroom as calming as the Pangkor Laut Resort Spa.

My living room sparse but cozy like British India,
furnished with the timeless furniture of Kevin Flynn's home in Tron Legacy,
Art Nouveau-esque wood carvings, grilles and furnishing like in Henry Van de Velde's house,
and white billowing curtains like the Nescafe ad featuring Nasha Aziz in the early 90s.

The bedroom would be inspired by the Victorian Gothic era + The Carnivale + Theatre/Opera house + Puteri Gunung ledang the Musical,
with the bed from Brandy The Boy is Mine music video which is actually a swing like in a hindustani movie that has drapes like the bed in Original Sin,
It would have a bewitching vanity area like Anna Sui's cosmetics counter,
Satine's boudoir in Moulin Rouge would be my sexy walk in closet filled with clothes like T-Joue, handbags like Kate Spade and shoes from Nine West and of course, anything designed by Rizalman Ibrahim.

And for the exterior part....

Labyrinth movie + Secret Garden book + Alice in Wonderland (book & movie) would be the inspiration for the wonder of my garden,
The view ethereal like in the film Mamma Mia + Rivendell in Lord of the Rings,
A peaceful inner courtyard like Al Hambra, Granada, Spain,
A romantic balcony like in Verona Italy in Romeo and Juliet,
A private lookout tower like Istana Seri Menanti,
A praying area in the likes of the floating mosque in Jeddah or Kuala Terengganu,
The enchanting corridors and hallways of Bangunan Keretapi Tanah Melayu + Bangunan Sultan Abdul samad,
With big old trees lining the driveway like Taiping in Yasmin Ahmad's movies or in those old Dunhill TV ads where the black expensive car swooshes by and scatters the dry leaves,
and a cool tranquil barbeque pit like in Sek San's Sekeping Serendah.

And all the places and spaces and places would be filled with unforgettably beautiful memories shared with people that I love and care about.

I originally began my blog as a place where I can freely wander in my imagination. I've had a wonderful trip, I hope you had too. Good night.


Raiha Bahaudin said...

Nicely written, Irina! I wish I can borrow your wild imaginaton...

Anonymous said...

i wish im able to write just like u...