Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Sound

I was walking home from work. The same route i take everyday, past the houses and up the hill. But something felt different that day. My heart told me to turn left.

It was a small park, I walked on a path, stepping dried leaves, making cracking sounds under my feet. No one was around. I reached an opening, there was a red staircase going down. I've seen it before on my walks to and from work, but i never knew where it started nor ended.

I sat down on the steps. It was a beautiful view. The evening sun was peeking through the tall trees. I could see Unisel, my new home, I saw houses way beyond, near Bkt Cherakah. The sky was a pale blue waiting for the light to change. But it wasn't the view that caught me. It was the sound. The most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I closed my eyes and listened. I listened with all my heart.

Felt the wind blew the hair off my face. It blew through the trees, and through the leaves.... the rustling of the leaves. The wind kept blowing. All I could hear were the leaves brushing against each other creating a song so beautiful, it filled my ears and sung in my heart. Never have I heard such a beautiful sound, it was loud but it was lulling, strong but calming. Only the Creator can make such music. Truly God is Great.

The wind kept blowing, I let it all in. It was all around me. For a moment, I was flying. I let it all go.

High atop the trees, in my secret little garden
Where the wind blows, through the rustling of the leaves
Flickering sunlight peeking through
The wide evening sky

I close my eyes and face the wind
listening to all the zikir around me
praising the Greatness of the Creator
the most beautiful sound
often unheard
seldom realised

The light is changing soon
Oh how I love this!
Just leave me be
I'm flying

I wish you were here beside me
basking in His Love
I want you here with me
in silence
to hear what I'm hearing now
to feel what I'm feeling now

I want you with me
Can I rest my head on your shoulder?
I dream we share these moments one day
The beauty of it all

I want you here with me
just to hear the rustling of the leaves
atop the trees
where the wind blows

In silence, I could fall asleep and it wouldn't matter.

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ainulhuda said...

sorry irina.. i still can't comment on this.. cause it's really your experience.. hmm jelesnyee