Friday, October 10, 2008

I am a teacher and this is my lesson

As always with love, there is heartbreak

Last, I told you about my newfound love, my students

Well now I’m going to tell you, how easily they break my heart
They broke me today, to pieces
What did they do? Ask me.
The worst thing you could do to me as a teacher…….
Is not coming to my class.

U didn’t do your homework, I just get mad,
U do it wrongly, I can lovingly correct you,
U arrive late, I can laugh at your excuses (u always hve one anyway)
U misbehave, sometimes I punish you
Any other way, I‘d just get angry or annoyed
Even then, it would just subside when I start teaching

But not coming at all….
U hurt me inside and made me sad
I am here to teach you
And teaching, I love most
You won’t even let me teach you
If you’re listening, this is how much it hurts

For every lesson, I pour my heart out
In preparing how best to teach you
To share with you what I know
So that you may have that knowledge too

I spend my time, cracking my brains,
On how best to let you learn
So that you understand and feel excited and love towards knowledge

I worked hard to prepare your projects,
Wake up in the middle of the night, startle in the middle of the day
Researching and thinking
On how to capture your imagination
Ignite your interest
And spark you with inspiration

So that you might find learning and knowledge fun
A valuable experience that you would remember
And be able to help you in your life
To seek knowledge wherever you may be
On your own

Because what makes a teacher most happiest
Is when her students become better people, better human beings
What makes a teacher happy
Is when you use what you learnt for your own benefit
What makes a teacher happy
Is when you cross a hurdle, rise up to a challenge
No matter how great or little
The joy is in seeing you try, then when you get the prize
And even when you don’t
Your teacher sees that you have gone just one step further than when you started

Your teacher asks for nothing in return
No gratitude nor reward

A teacher’s greatest reward is
When you are able to know yourself and believe in your own abilities
And see you go a lot further than she could ever go
Even though at the end
Your teacher is what you leave behind

But the knowledge and wisdom will always be with you
For as long as you live and keep using it
And that is a prayer, for your teacher

My beloved students
Learning and knowledge is not about the highest score
Or who has the best work
Understand that, YOU are my artwork, YOU are my masterpiece.
Learning and knowledge is about how YOU are as a person
It is about you, making choices, making your own decisions for your own life.

And my reason for being here, is just as a messenger
I can only show you the way
But you have to walk your own way

What a teacher teaches is not just skills,
Skills, you may forget them
But more importantly a teacher teaches values that help you make your own choices and for you to believe in those choices and to believe in yourself

So that is what makes the difference
Between a learnt person and one who isn’t
Is their ability an making good choices

So my dear students, stop hurting me
Just turn up for my class

I am a teacher and class is dismissed.

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shafiksuker said...

nak kena rotan ni! *piap!*