Monday, April 07, 2008

Such disorder in my wit.

"I will not keep this form upon my head / When there is such disorder in my wit"
-Ophelia, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

"I need a haircut. My head has gone bonkers." - irina

painting: John William Waterhouse's painting Ophelia (1894) courtesy of wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

aku rasa dia tengah mabuk or high masa dia bunuh diri.. or shakepeare yang tgh mabuk masa tulis line utk ophelia... -enol-

musha said...

* more interested dgn apa agaknya your new hairstyle would be..*

aina mastura mohamed saaid said...

yang pasti..i already cut my hair..and i feel good about it cause i can forget about someone that i really cant get him out of my head about one i' freeeeeeeeee

sarawakiana said...

Dear Irina,

Hope your mother will remember me,
chang yi of Sibu. Sarawakiana.

thank you for dropping by my blog