Sunday, May 11, 2008

Losing your mind for the sake of your heart

Dear God, please help me through this. Help me be strong.
I really thought he would, I really did. I was so wrong. so wrong.
Please let it die. Please don't let it hurt so bad.
i cant afford to be sad
I know now its true. I guess I've always known
but i kept making excuses for the sake of my own

Get on the train my dear irina
Before it moves and leaves you again
get on the train
We'll go someplace and start over
Come lean on my shoulder
We'll do this together
everything will be alright, we're still on our feet
but be prepared to bleed
Cut me, I'll grow
Hold on silly girl, it'll get better you know
Yeah it will, I'm sure
keep running on your faith
for good things come to those who wait
He let you go, he let you go
So leave, leave ....
Say goodnight and go

1 comment:

mastikus said...

i'm losing my mind for the sake of others happiness...i'm losing my mind for the sake of doing great things to make others satisfied...i'm losing my mind for the sake of not making others frustated...

so, i'm not losing my mind when i'm not doing anything...hahaha