Friday, January 04, 2008

Cleaning out the closet.

I cleaned up the cupboard room.

4 things i realised.

1)If the Batik Guild decided to study the development of Batik motif through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s until today, they should just look at my mother's vast collection of baju kurung and kebayas. She keeps them all!!! they're in mint condition so they call it in collector's speak. It's silk and only dry cleaned so the colours are still vibrant. From the ostentatious kurung moden of the 80s shoulder pad phenomenon (like those Rafidah Aziz still wears today), to the slightly more abstract patterns of the streamlined nineties and the swirly craze of the 2000s, its a whole museum collection in here! I could curate a show, "the batik collection of Cikgu Hjh Maimunah Nazarene" albeit bonus with matching shoes and handbags. Its a teacher thing. Sad thing though, i cant fit any of her baju. I'm too short. And fat. Sigh.

2) My family has enough things in 1 room to furnish 3 entire families. I've packed 5 bags to give away to the flood victims. There's still more stuff. And all this is after we did a garage sale and cleaned out what i thought was most of the stuff. When my friends come over, i got so much to give them. Last week, i gave a whole new wardrobe to Enol, Some of the clothes are not even worn yet. Some things we bought it with hopes we cud fit it, someday, haha. Some we bought to give others, but never did. Some other people gave to us but we didn't really like or just simply forgot it's ours. These stuff are in good condition but we just got so much of it. My dad would pick it up again most of the time I tried to get rid of it, citing future plans for the stuffs that never seem to happen in the now or near future. STOP HOARDING PEOPLE!!!! I'm tired of always having to clean up your mess!!

3) I see stuffs my Bapak bought for my other siblings. The Shooter jacket for Erwin, the mock engine and drums for Iwan, the piano+softball+tennis for Irma, the bowling balls + golf set + ice skates + horse riding + go kart for Nani... which got me asking my Bapak, what did he ever bought for my hobby/interest? He answered he doesnt know what my interest was. I never told him. He only knew my interest was books. But his books are not on the subjects i like. And the encyclopedias that i DO read, was bought by my mum who thinks the only one who ever reads them is Iwan. Which is wrong! Iwan reads the Britannia, World War and Life series BUT I WAS THE ONE READING THE CHILDREN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA AND THE HISTORY THROUGH THE AGES SET!! sorry, i'm kinda pissed cause earlier, we were eating cheese that Nani brought from France, it was round and had red wax wrapping it, i know it had a specific name for that cheese because i read it in the encyclopedia, because when i was a kid i accidentally ate the wax instead of the cheese, so i asked Nani but she didn't know so i took out the encyclopedia and showed where it showed the different kind of cheese (its edam cheese btw) beause i remembered reading it there (plus, i was the one who arranged the library, so i knew where every book was). Then my mum said, "Oh, i remember when Iwan used to be the only one reading that set." Damn, i was pissed. Only Iwan reads, only Irma cleans.... I read, I clean. I fucking indexed the house! I have interests too, y'know. Art, Design... if any of you care.

4) I came across 4 boxes/crates of Nani's toys. She has 4 Barbies (clothes, shoes, house, bathroom, kithen, living room, bedroom), Lego, Lasy, Cluedo, Matermind, Congkak, plush toys (including that REALLY BIG teddy bear from Teddy Tales that costs rm400). There was also the Tomy Fashion Plate which belonged to Irma, which she only gave to me when i was too old for it and had to give it to Nani. It gave me the time to reminisce about my childhood.Its a vintage toy. Now with most of the plates missing. Damn.I googled on Ebay, it now costs about 17-35 USD. I remember having two toys. Both of which Irma handed down to me. I had 3 Barbies, I gave one away to my cousin in Sarawak. It had a whole house too, difference is, I made it myself. The house was a mirror frame where the glass had broken, the dining table was a combination of the Wall's plastic ice cream cup (the one where you could use the cover to make the base so the cup can stand) and a round white plastic casing as the table top. The stove was a cassete case. The cups were from mechanical pencils back cover, the bed a shoe box, the cupboard also a box which i made compartments and the hanging pole was a lidi i poked through the box. Oh and the Fashion Plate of course. Because i had few toys, i really took care of it. its so sad to see it like that.

Hmmm, see what cleaning does to me? At least now all the clothes are hanged in the same black hangers and arranged according to colour. And now a lot of people are going to get some really stylish nice clothes. And Bapak now feels indebted to buy me something haha. And I dont need to buy my children toys, i got whole sets to give them. And the cupboard is so neat, you could sleep in it.

And I finally got something to blog about.

AAAAhhhh, cleaning is cleansing.


Anonymous said...

oh my irina loves cleaning!she single handedly overdo my room!she is that good.i can recommend!well she did my room for free but no free service for you guys out there!hahaa

although she seemed to paint a not so nice picture of her family,its just her being expressive.she doesn't mean it.she is a cancerian.she loves them to the very bits and pieces."air di cincang takkan putus!"tak gitu sayang?

yup cleaning can be very for me basuh baju.basuh tangan.tapi kat umah tak buat pon.kat umah pak ndak or college pandai pulak buat sendiri!?ish ish.biasala kat umah kurang rajin....

schools up and we're finishing?!finally yay!gosh my comments mcm boleh tulis blog....



sharkpitt said...

sayang..............i blogged?!

odah said...

oohh my belon udara panas... kemahiran mengemasmu memang sudah terpuji seantero Malaya! Hidup Hartal!!! opp.. ehem.. irina, seberapa banyak engkau mengomel tentang keluargamu, aku tahu kau sayang GEEELLLL GELLLESST kepada mereka... bak kata buah hatimu, "air dicincang takkan putus" dan kalau sesak-sesak susah nak kerja nanti, bolehlah kau jadi pengemas rumah/opis! ha, then kumpul duit banyak2, beli chalet buruk kat tepi pantai, dan buat business kat situ. Ehem, barang2 yang ada tuh, masih mahu ke? (hehehe)

Lc said...

Hello from Faial Island in Azores.