Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Light of the full moon reflected on the vast open sea.
Touching sprinkles of glitter.
Salty scent of the air.
How I yearn for that Sight again.

The wind rustling through leaves.
Warm and cool,
passing gently on my face,
My skin calmly stroked by the breeze.
I long for that Sound, that Touch.

The built world,
makes me weary.

Have you ever been engulfed by a night sky
so dark yet so light by the twinkling of the stars?
Just a glimpse of the universe.

In it, God I see.

And I miss You.

Have you ever been in a place, in that moment,
In His creation, in that space,
You bask in His Love, His Greatness.

For a while, you are lost, you are alone, in His Beauty.

His Perfection that overwhelms and overtakes your senses,
Your entire being.

Far away from man, and all his ugliness.

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