Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I wish I could fix me.

I wish I could fix me.

I'd fix it so that I no longer procrastinate.

I'd fix my tendency to be late.

I'd fix my fear of almost everything.

I'd fix my confidence, my competence.

I'd fix my ability to remember, all the things I always forget.

I'd fix my love for slumber yet not feel upset.

I'd fix my ability to smile so people don't feel distant.

I wish I could fix it all this very instant.

So my I could be better. I just want to be better.

I would fix my communication skills with my Mom,

So that I'll make her feel happier instead of angrier.

I would fix my inability to drive so I never have to depend on anyone to go anywhere,

so I could do everything that I need and want to do.

I would fix my attention span so I could focus and get things done,

instead of wandering away inside my head when I just refuse to face reality.

I'd fix my job so I could earn more and help my family.

I would fix my dreams so they don't interfere when I am awake.

I would fix my clock so its still fine for me to have kids.

I would fix my mind, my body, my soul,

like the way a modeller customizes toys

to make me all better, inside and out.

But I wish I didn't feel that I need fixing,

because that just means that I'm damaged,

but I'm not.


Nan said...

I'm confused.

Admin said...

Thanks for share.......!

Girl Cute 102!

Courtnah said...

This to me is beautiful and I feel the same from time to to.

Centre Sports said...

Never Regret! Always look at the sun rise with a smile of excitement and the sunset with a smile of contentment. Good luck.