Monday, September 09, 2013

My Dream Life.

Sometimes, when the world gets too overwhelming, I wander into my imaginary worlds.

The stories are almost the same. Happy, self indulgent stories with me doing things that I love, in a beautiful breathtaking place, dressed in a killer dress and heels. The only thing that is weird is that in those imaginary fantasies, I happen to be a tall, slim, brunette caucasian or pan asian.

There’s this quote on my desktop picture, it goes something like “Never give up on how you imagine your life could be like.”

I imagine a life by the sea in a white coloured house. Where I work from home and take care of my family of 4, my husband and my 3 kids. I imagine a life free from financial difficulties where I earn my income doing the things that I love. We live comfortably and our family and friends frequently gather at our house.

My husband and I both are making a living doing things that started out as passionate hobbies which later on became a successful business. We enjoy staying home, cooking, walking on the beach, dancing under the moonlight, sudden surprise trips, talking till the morning and spending time with our children.

Our children have varying interests but are all pretty happy independent kids, who know they can come to us for anything. They sometimes join us in the studio and workshop to help out or to work on their own personal projects. We have frequent family trips and vacations. Because we believe in rich life experiences that’ll make us better people.

Family and lifelong friends come over for a great time of food, conversation and company.

And at all times, we are humble, grateful, blessed. Continuously improving ourselves and having undying, unwavering faith. In God, in each other and in ourselves.

Basically, that is it. My ultimate dream life. A happy family. A beautiful home. A job that I love. Well traveled and enriching life experiences. A blessed life, here and the hereafter.


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