Friday, September 13, 2013

How we try to live and still have fun in the new economy.

Since the oil price hike, it has more than pinched our household. We travel an amount of 70km to and from work everyday. We are saving for the coming of our baby early next year, so we had to make adjustments. Since we can't reduce our fuel consumption, the only other area that we spend most on is food. I think, most importantly is changing our mindset, that we can still live and be happy with so much less stuff that money buys.

1. We eat/tapaw our breakfast from home so we don't need to have b'fast at the office.

2. During lunch we do not order drinks. The cafeteria is kind enough to provide free plain drinking water.

3. We eat simple home cooked dinners at home as much as possible. And if possible, we reduce the portion to 1 instead of 2. 

4. Try not to give in to our eating whims n cravings. This is the hardest part. We's loves our sweets, we's gots to haves ems.

5. We don't go out and eat out unless we really really really have to. And even if we eat out, we try to use coupons or discount vouchers. (We would like to see our friends n family still, please come to our house instead n let us cook.)

6. We buy absolute necessities and choose the bargain/ cheaper versions of cleaning products, toiletries. I also wash my hair less, used to be everyday, and shorter hair helps. And we also repeat clothes at least twice before washing, unless it stinks too bad.

7.Try to live without things or less of them. Like for us, we have no astro or wifi at home, we just watch movies/ series/ anime we got from our students who download them. Almost all of our furniture are hand me downs from our families. Be creative in ways to enjoy company, like for this year, for my birthday, we celebrated at home with candles on ice cream and chocolate roll cake and special kind treatments like a massage or hair wash by my beloved.

8. Live with whatever we have, do with it whatever we can. Both of us do not have credit cards. Our debts are the car and house loan. Yes, sometimes, we do wish for things like toys and shoes. But we basically have to be stern and disciplined and make that choice that; I don't need it, I can live without it.

9. Give to others as much as you can. I don't know how to explain but it really does help yourself too, when you are generous to others, be it family, friends or strangers.

But I think most of all, what I am most grateful for is, during these hard times, when tensions and conflicts may lead to stress in marriage, we always remember that there are others in worse situations, AND in any situation, we help each other out as much, understand the situation, love and support, communicate everything, try to make things easy for each other. Have faith in the rezeki from God Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I am blessed with a big treasure which is the love, affection and attention of my partner Izham Aris. That, money can't buy.

Praying for all of us who are going through financial struggles, big and small, stay strong, have faith. We can get through this. 

What are your solutions/tips in facing this economy? Please share.

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