Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nadia Zahari (1988-2013).

16 August 2013

So fleeting life is. Just yesterday, she ran to hug me, all smiles and touching my belly, so excited for the new life inside me. "Saya nak kawin!", she said, speaking of a future life. Always smiling, witty and exciting, my dear beloved student, Nadia Zahari who always had this infectious spark in her, has returned to Rahmatullah today. Talented and creative, spirited in her cause, the sad news of her passing broke my heart. For all that you have done and been, I pray you are happy, meeting HIM, so early. Al-Fatihah. May your soul be blessed and placed among the Mu'mins. Condolences to her family. 
*will miss you dearly*

She was exceptional. I am happy for her, she met her Creator in a state where not a single person has anything bad to say about her. So many prayers being prayed, kind words being said. I am scared for me, for us, all of us. Her passing, so sudden, jolts me to the core. What about me? What about us? When I leave this world, in what state would I be in? Where do I stand in the eyes of God?

Still in the state of grief, here I share with all of you one of the legacy that arwah Nadia Zahari championed, her own personal project; jom solat  May we all be guided, truly in death, there is a lesson to be learnt.

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