Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is all I ever wish for

Take me somewhere beautiful.

Somewhere meaningful.

Where I can see the sunset

And the rise of the moon.

Where I can smell trees and breathe them in.

Where I can hear water and feel their depths within.

I’m sick of concrete.

Of people.

My heart my soul

Yearning for the Signs

Of greatness and of splendour

Of the one true King.


Ainul Huda said...

like like like.. :-))

one day perhaps we all will find the one true king..

how are you doing? miss you babeh

Agustin Benitez said...

Me gusto tu poema.
xD Espero si le entiendas al espaƱol

Annie said...

I am Christian, not Muslim, but I read your blog with tears for the pain of this Earth and hope for love and peace around the world soon. I don't know if you have had your baby yet, but he/she is blessed to have a mother such as you.