Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Need House.

Whats wrong with our house now? Rather than paying RM800 for rent, add a little more and we could get our own house. With MSU just across the river, our neighbours are now very rowdy, very noisy, very annoying therefore very I-want-to-kill-all-of-you which speeds up our want-our-own-abode. Like, NOW.

We are looking to buy a house. A simple 2 storey terrace/link house. Anywhere in or near Shah Alam. Price 300k max. Safe. Bonus points for low traffic flow, no toll, many access points and lots of trees (and Fast food joints - husband).

Homework beforehand,,, and are my new BFFs. What I have found out so far;


Both Izham and I are earning a pretty stable income so we consider ourselves Middle Income. So I thought that we could afford an average, normal, 2 storey link house. WRONG. We cannot afford a house in Shah Alam where we work. Shah Alam only caters for the bourgeois apparently. Or 23 students renting in one house.

So we looked around the surrounding areas, Putra Heights, Setia Alam, Bukit Raja etc, etc ...... but none are below 300k which allows us to pay monthly installments of RM1500 which is what we can afford collectively. Idealistic sangatkah aku???

I just think that paying 400k - 800k for a 20 x 70 intermediate 2 storey terrace/link house is utterly incredulously preposterous. Paying for the address?? I call that oppression. In other words, that is just a load of crap.

Beggars can't be choosers. We're beggars in our own city when it comes property. Here I am, begging, God, please, help us find a house that is good for us, please.

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Anonymous said...

Irina, dats how life is. dats the reality