Monday, November 01, 2010

Making Things Beautiful - Part 2

Another long due project I just completed last weekend (with Yayang's help of course). Refer to the pics numbering for this one.

This time around, the challenge was;

1 - We have a "doorless" room with not enough walls and more clothes than our cupboards could fit. (pic 1)

2 - I (not we, hehe) have no place for my shoes. (pic 2)

So... my proposed solution;

Get an ubiquitous storage shelf. This one I got from Jaya Jusco for the price of RM119 (pic 3). It originally has backing boards but we didn't put them in when we were assembling the shelf. I got 2 shelves actually, the other one cost RM99 because it didn't come with backing boards, but it has 12 compartments (pic 6). IKEA has a similiar design which costs RM499 if I'm not mistaken.

Be sure to check the parts of the shelf first, we had to wait 3 months to replace a wrong board of the shelf, but Jusco people were very nice to entertain us.

Next, I got some funky textiles from IKEA. I chose black and white to match the shelves and so it doesn't look "serabut" when I put hings in them. Then I measured the shelves and had a tailor to cut it to size and jahit the tepi so it doesn't 'berbulu'. Next, with some thumb tacks and a very helpful husband, he helped me to hammer the tacks to attach the fabric at the back of the shelves. (pic 6)

I used 2 different fabrics for the 2 shelves to add a bit of interest. To create a "wall", just stack up the 2 shelves one on top of the other, and push them in place. As u can see, it almost reaches the ceiling. (picture 4 and 6).

Then I just fill up the shelf with my stuffs (picture 5). Decorative boxes help keep things (like socks, bags, bla bla bla..) tidy.

For the shoes, look closer at picture 8, I used plastic dining place mats that I cut to size and place them underneath the shoes so that my heels don't scratch the shelf. Plus its pretty, hehe.

So now the room has a wall that also functions as storage space or display area. The shelves leave just enough space for the room to have a doorway AND I bought an iron curtain railing for RM32 and put it across 2 shelves for extra hanging space for the clothes (pic 9). So now the cozy room acts as a walk in wardrobe and also a prayer room.


So there, its a pretty simple project that I'm happy to share with you guys. Till next time, don't forget, make things beautiful and make beautiful things!!!! xoxo Irin

p/s: Picture 7 is my Drocell Figma that Yayang gave me for my birthday, she wants to enter frame jugak. The small wooden trees are from KK home deco and the origami was made by my student Arina Ramli which she just chuck around our house when she came over.


Kucing Itam said...

nice Pn. Irin... nak dtg melawat selalu la kalo camni...hehe.. :P

Mike Andrew said...

wow, that looks amazing. I guess you could do a personal touch if needed. I think I might do the same with my room.