Monday, January 18, 2010

two zero one zero

Stupid thing to do. Read your yearly horoscope. Mine's scary.

Apparently this year my over-aggressiveness will cause me trouble in my marriage and workplace. I will also overspend my money, get injured in my car, lose my temper and get into fights with my spouse and colleagues. But it also says that 2010 will be a good year for me. Go figure.

The past 2 years has truly been a blessing for me. I got a job, I got married, found what was lost, made new friends, traveled and gained new exciting experiences that are life changing. Falling in love was the best part of it all of course. I highly recommend marriage, hehe, it makes EVERYTHING worthwhile.

For this year, I'm hopeful. I'm damn scared now because everything that was familiar before has changed. I don't know what to expect anymore, anything goes now.

Like everyone else, I hope things will be better. I hope I, myself, will be better. Make better choices and judgment. But I also hope there will be more new exciting adventures. Maybe I have ADD, mild ADD I suppose haha.. I get easily bored with everything so I want to experience the extraordinary. For real this time, not just in my head.

So here I toast, to a year of hope, excitement and adventure!! Insya Allah. Ameen.

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