Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hot Showers and the World Wide Web

In my opinion, hot showers are the best contribution of technology.

Even more than the web.

I hate the web.

Hence me being offline for so long.

I am superbored with all of it... fb, chats, emails, blogs... everything.

I'm so tired of the internet, i don't even want to talk about how tired i am of the internet.

Include TV, radio, movies, shopping malls in the list of things I'm bored with.

Before the invention of the world wide web, I always had my own virtual reality, in my head. Inspired by early reading, it became my realm, my reign. My imagination, for me was an endless space with ultra fast download speed. Not to mention virus free, spam free and hi definition images, vivid colours and surreal sound.

I enjoy the times when I am able to just zone off to my alternate reality. Anytime, anywhere.

Works best during hot showers.

That's why hot showers are the best contribution contribution of technology, in my opinion.

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