Monday, January 25, 2010

Cake, Coke, Karaoke and a pair of shoes.

It has been a while since I’ve gone back to my parents’ house. But last weekend I did, and what a weekend it was.

It was Mak’s birthday last Friday, so that Saturday night we indulge ourselves with an indulgence unlike any other, an indulgence of the chocolate kind, brought to us by such an institution that keeps their Recipes a Secret, a secret known lovingly as… The Chocolate Indulgence.

Oh what a joy it was, when my dear husband and his new BFF, my brother Iwan, came home and alas, what was it in their hands? Three beautiful shiny plastic bottles filled with a dark liquid so good, it was meant to be ENJOYed, ALWAYS… The red label wrapping the deliciously curved bottle, marked with the famous insignia known the world over as, The White Ribbon. Such potent was the black concoction, my mother warned us to never take it together with the delightful treat that was to come next…

Ahhh… soft, delectable little sunshine drops. Brought to us all removed from its thorny thick skin, chilled, forming little gleaming droplets on the smooth, golden, juicy body of a fruit so renowned for the terror it brings to the human olfactory senses yet so exquisite a taste does it bear when it touches the tongue, to the KING of all fruits, I salute you, for being the great finale, before the curtains draw to mark the end of day called Saturday.

As the sun rises beyond the horizon, giving us a new day, a new hope of clear skies and adventures of the paperbag-toting-kind emerge. Leaving behind the reluctant soldiers that are our husbands, my mother, cousins and I braved the concrete jungle that is Kuala Lumpur, on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman nonetheless. Driven by the courageous Abang Mus, hubby to Kak Yana, the only soldier who was brave enough to fight the war of traffic jams and limited thus expensive parking spaces. We stormed through 5 palaces of consumerism with our salivating tongues and gleaming eyes, wandering, one product to another, searching for the perfect item that deserves our purchasing power.

There, amidst the rows of temptation, I saw, the perfect item. Four inches of heel standing tall and proud, shiny-leather-mimicking-su
rface, the texture of woven straps…. it called out to me, whispering softly, in size 6. As I gingerly sunk my unpedicured feet into them, I felt the soul of my sole slowly awash with the glowing warmth of blissful happiness. In utter joy and obliviousness towards the amount of fortune I was about to part with, I bought myself, not just any shoe, but the one, the only, PERFECT pair of SHOES.

Our adventure continued on to the heights of Ampang Park where unheavenly voices fill the air space, in an attempt to achieve the feat they call singing. As a surprise for my beloved mother, my sister Irma decided that she would treat us for a session of, a favourite pastime the world over, the phenomenon called Karaoke. Singing to very bad and grammatically twisted words of what they think is English, accompanied by visuals of the soft porn kind (boobs, bikinis, architectural monuments and natural landscapes), we showed our singing prowess (or so we think) belting out numbers from the bygone era, including a soulful rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by my niece and nephews. My mom sang her heart out as I’ve never seen before, making all of us believe, sincerely, that we are all genetically great singers. We left, sated, our secret wishes of stardom, fulfilled, momentarily.

We came home that evening, soldiers and superstars, weary and hungry. Alas, a sumptuous feast awaits us in our humble abode of Bukit Beruntung. Prepared lovingly by the Master Chef Bapak, our gastronomous cravings were answered with pasta, roast beef, jacket potatoes, mushroom soup and soft baked buns. As we devoured our dinner amidst the drowning cries and screams of 8 children, I looked around the table, and thanked God Almighty for the blessings that He has given us. The blessings of family, of food, and of Love. Alhamdulillah.

My heartful gratitude also goes out to my family- my parents, siblings and cousins and their families, for all being in one location last weekend and for the splendid time. Uncle Skawi n Aunty Timah for the durians. To products of nature and man-made marvels like Secret Recipe cakes, Coca Cola, Durian, Shopping complexes and ABBA, I am forever thankful. And last but not least, to a little shoe shop in Ampang Park, keep on making those goods that make the world a better place. I am one happy woman who had a happy weekend. Thank you Yayang, for bringing me home.

P/s: I’m teaching copywriting this semester, hence my attempt at improving my language and also this is the result of too much exposure to too many episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

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