Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Things.

Almost 3 weeks after getting married. Wow. I never thought my life would be so different. I'm still adjusting myself in my new phase. No matter how ready I thought I was, it still is overwhelming. Having everything not the way it was before.

Living in a new place with new people I just got to know. There's always something new to discover. No, it's not a bad thing, just different, and new. Changing my routine which before only involved me now involves a lot of other people. The dynamics of how my world used to function is now turned inside out. And this is even though I consider my husband's family and mine to have a lot of similarities.

I miss my family. I miss my friends. Yeah, I know, they live close to me. Yeah its funny how this works. I wasn't expecting this seriously. There's a little girl in me that is homesick partly. Which is weird and unnecessary... they're just here, right? I just saw them last week for goodness sake! Or is it? I find this feeling confusing really, I don't think the changes are that big, I'm used to staying away from family, so I really don't know where this 'sayu' feeling comes from.

I'm not complaining, I love being married, I love sleeping next to him and knowing he'll be there when I wake up. I love doing things together and his family is very welcoming. Its a big transition for me however. I guess I am not a big advocate for sudden major changes.

It's a confusing time. Time to adjust and adapt. Time to evolve. Time to grow up.

I'm extremely happy on one end and yet I panic at the rapid changes I have to go to.


wanieaman said...

U know what, I felt exactly the same way like u when i first got married few yrs back. Didnt expect myself to be homesick on day 2 post-wedding. Padahal my family only lives like 15 minutes away from the in-laws!! Mcmla tak pernah duduk jauh frm family.Dok tkc since umur 13 takde hal la pulak pon kan, kan? Initially u'll have those mixed feelings, but dont worry those weird feelings will soon go away..

Zamillia said...

begi2 la klo mule2 kawen kn pn.irin..huhuh x pe lme2 ok la 2...kecoh2 lg nnt...good luck in new life! pn.irin minum air bertenaga skit..sjak2 akhir2 ni tgk kepenatan aje~ lec x smangat student smangat nnt ^_^v