Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'd rather

I'd rather look for ideas for my wedding dress than look for citation on who said what.

I'd rather daydream about the nikah and reception than visualize my Q&A session with the panel for my Viva.

I'd rather go shop for barang hantaran than setting margins and spacing between my paragraphs.

I'd rather think of colour combinations for flowers than numbering the figures and charts.

I'd rather plan for how our house will look like than writing my bibliography.

I'd rather research for bridal hairstyles than putting in page numbers.

I'd rather go look for wedding favors than doing my powerpoint presentation.

I'd rather do a colour theme & moodboard collage than preparing my A2 poster for the presentation.

I'd rather look for fabric for the wedding dress than fix my prototype.

I'd rather buy curtains and bedsheets for my new home than print my thesis in hardcover.

I'd rather lepak with my future hubby and watch TV than sit beside him writing out abbreviations on my computer.

I'd rather plan my wedding and life after marriage than facing off the assessors to defend my research.

But I cant start to even think about the wedding until after Viva. So lets get this over and done with.

Sayang, i love you too. waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... tsk tsk... sob sob..... yayang tolong buat thesis i boleh? and come in for my Viva and beat the crap out of the panel who dares to interfere, muahahaahahhahaaa!!!!

Mak, nak kawenn... tanak buat thesis dah.... uhuk uhuk..


Ezee @ 'Izzy' said...

alalalala...sian sayang saya nih..takpe yang, dah nak settle dah tesis tuh..lepas ni kita concentrate on our wedding kay...patience and hang tough, i'm here with u all the way...and also next to u all the time my dearest...

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