Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pair of Despair

The pair of despair
Have quite a funny air
One has long hair
The other is neither here nor there

Pair of despair
Seems like you have no care
But inside, both of you are bare
To add to the pain, neither of you have enough fare

Pair of despair
Life has many stairs
Though it always seems unfair
We’ll go nowhere if we just stop and stare

Pair of despair
We’re both weary from wear and tear
This emptiness we have to bear
Our happiness lies out there, somewhere

Pair of despair
Maybe this burden, we could share
Because alone, neither of us would dare
To go beyond our comfort lair

Pair of despair
While I sit in this uncomfortable chair
In wonderment that is not so rare
Maybe we do make the perfect pair?

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