Saturday, December 15, 2007

irina muis monologue part 1

irin 1: How're you?

irin2: okay i guess. with a tad bit of sadness hanging in the background.

irin1: Where have you been? You havent posted anything for some time...

irin2: I've been on a journey and my writings have become too personal to be shared here.

irin1: Hardly any1 reads the stuff you write...

irin2: Still, i've been angry and you say stuff you dont mean when ur angry. Putting it on the net just adds fuel to fire. And there are the conversations with God that i'd rather not share with others. yeah i do sensor myself..

irin1: you mentioned a journey, what journey were you on?

irin2: asking questions about a lot of things, coming to conclusions and making decisions .... y'know, life stuff..

irin1: sounds heavy

irin2: Well yeah, its kinda personal.

irin1: ape sbenarnye yang kau nak cakap kat sini? Aku ingat kau ada banyak benda nk ckp, i'm still nt seeing any points...

irin2: Entahla, aku rase I'm nt good at this anymore..

irin1: slow slow la, dats wat I'm here for.


Anonymous said...

dear syg how on earth do you come up with these ideas of sorts!huyooo.....i kagumla...suke suke =)

membuka minda


Anonymous said...

nice kobis pic!


odah said...

i've written several comments here... now i wonder which irin would read them... hmmm... irin 1? irin 2? bola 1? bola 2?