Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stuck In A Time Warp

Nani has just left for France. For three years. 3 looooooong years. Uhuk uhuk.

Enol’s got a job and getting married next April.

Ina’s getting married end of this year.

Gee and Faz had their first baby.

Pie and Kak Ija got new, higher paying jobs.

Irah has a career and a baby.

Nymph is gone.

I’m still here.

Seems like everyone has moved on or moved ahead.

I’m still here. No job. No money. No one to cuddle with.
I don’t even have a car.

Feel like I’m stuck in a time warp. Everything else around me is moving at the speed of light.

I try so hard to hold on to them, all I grasp are shreds of nothing.

I can see everyone and everything just slip away, I feel the changes, the loss. When a smile is no longer as warm and inviting. When a hug is not as tight as it used to be. When the eye loses the twinkle and the voice loses its song. When you suddenly realize you can’t relate to whatever the other person is saying. Then I know, it is time.

Where am I now? How come I haven’t moved? Why am I still here? What the fish am I doing here? Where is here?

If my physical appearance doesn’t advance, I’m okayla. But everything is sagging and melting in places I didn’t even knew existed. Yeah, that’s where I’m moving, downwards and all around the tummy area. Guess gravity can’t fight time.

Time actually stopped for me and it let me watch everybody pass by in a colourful blur.

Bye bye everyone. I’m still here.


sharkpitt said...

its a sad fact.all you can do is watch....but lets not think of it so much.its good everyone moving,shifting and going places.humans will always be variable.yes,things do change a smile is not as big as it used to be,a hug is not a tight as it used to be.i think when 1 is not so much of use,people won't associate themselves with you as much.this is what i feel and these are my thoughts but takpe we just pray for their success and hope that with success and more success diorang makin dkt dgn Tuhan.sekian celoteh pokcik.

Anonymous said...

i'm contradicting you.. not just everyone else, you are moving too.. you haven't realised that yet.. maybe because you haven't reached the station.. u know those stations in life? first day of school, first day of secondary school, first day in college, graduating, first day of work, ok, you've done that. How about 2nd time graduating? first day of "the" dream job? first sale of ur business? first step inside your own house, first baby? all are coming your way, Insya Allah, and you towards them.. even if you're moving like siput, you are moving my dear.. and dont forget to say hi to me while you're "mengengsot"-ing.. i'm sure u can catch me, i'm just moving like kura-kura a few steps in front or behind.. (depends on what aspect of life u prefer... hehehe)

Anonymous said...

kena tukar sikit posting ni....nani's balik and enol.....erm....ok!?