Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My dearestever Circle Muncky,

Hi, how’re you settling in there? I hope you’re fine. Nah, I know you’ll be just fine. You’ll blow them away with your coolness, those thin smoking lesbian frenchies!! (They do play good football and rugby though).

Is 3 years a long time? Well it depends on how you spend it. These are my suggestions on how you could do just that:

1) Have frequent webcam chats and calls wit ur family. Especially ur sister, (the cuter and nicer one you love more than the other one, hehe).
2) Do that thing Tom Hanks did in Da Vinci Code and walk on that Rose Line whatever and pretend. Why? Because I think it’d be cool.
3) Take plenty of pictures of anything interesting and quirky and mail it to your sister so she could plagiarize it in her designs.
4) Do your best in whatever it is you’re there for. YOUR best tau, not anyone else’s.
5) Keep urself healthy, body, mind and spirit.
6) Get help if you need it.
7) Tell me when your holiday starts, so I can plan my wedding.
8) Always have God in your heart, love him and he’ll love you.
9) Be nice to people. You’re a Malaysian ambassador, wooohoooo!!!!
10) Have fun and enrich your experience in Legal ways.

And here are the things you are not to do in those 3 years:-

1) Get married and pregnant. (hey, leave that to me will ya?)
2) Wild partying, flashing your boobs and random unsafe sex.
3) Recording acts no. 2 and broadcasting it on Youtube.
4) Drinking drinks that make you do 1,2 and 3.
5) Taking drugs that make you do 1,2,3 and 4.
6) Be like a thin, smoking lesbian frenchie.
7) Gambling everything away to do all of the above.

Well monyet sayang, as much as I’m gonna miss you around here ( I can’t go to pasar malam for the next 3 years, tsk,tsk!), I’m glad and happy you’re there to “jadi orang”. Be good or rather, make good choices. Weeeheeee!!!! Nanti balik sini balik k? kite gi ISLAND HOPPING!!!!!! I got money by then and you’re old enough, waaaahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Take care!!!!! Muah muah muah!!!!!

Wobbly Puncky

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