Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The house on the beach

I want to disappear to my beach house on the island, go swim in the clear blue ocean, swim with the fishes. Lie on the hammock, lie on the beach and watch the full moon rising. Read a book on the patio, dance underneath the moonlight on the verandah. Fall asleep in the arms of my loved one on the swing on the front porch. Dipping our feet into the water at the end of the boardwalk during sunset, morning walk by the beach on the wet sand watching the sun rise. Lying down by the beach, looking at the stars and the full moon. Feeling the ocean breeze on my face and in my hair. Seeing the flames crackle and pop in the bonfire at night. Midnight swim. Snorkeling at the corals. Drawing, painting and writing by the window facing the sea. Teaching art and design to young children. Midnight walks and listening to the waves. Cooking in the kitchen with norah jones playing in the background. Reading harry potter with my kids and kiss them goodnight. Go sailing with my husband. Have a romantic dinner on the deck of our boat. Snuggle up to my husband by the beach. Go diving with the family. Barbecue seafood by the seashore. Fresh flowers gives out lovely smell. Family picnics under the coconut trees. Making sandcastles in the evenings.

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