Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sri Paandi Revelation

If you eat banana leaf rice, the curry smell wont come off your hands for days. But its worth every bit of rice and papadam. To people who have doubt that Malaysian of different races and backgrounds can live in harmony, they must surely have never been to Sri Paandi PJ or any other daun pisang establishment. Its the epitome of Muhibbah. We Malaysians can surely tolerate each other, as long as we keep feeding each other good food.

I've a penchant for Indian food. Must be all those years I spent at Visithra's house when I lived in SS 12 Subang Jaya. After school, Aunty Bus (our school bus driver is a Chinese woman) sends us home amidst shouting at us for putting our hands out the window and throwing trash. Everybody did it back then. Since I'm alone, most of the time I go next door to Visithra's. Aunty Lingham makes lovely chappati and uuumph curry. Mmm yummy... served in the stainless steel wares that make the ice water sooo sedap. Aiyoh, papadam rocks!! then after that we'd watch movies about Hindu gods or maybe a Disney cartoon.

Those hot lovely golden vadai can make me as happy as chocolates can. Thank God I live in Rawang.

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