Friday, April 27, 2007

(nymph © 2007 Timothy Lantz)

Just thought of you and what we used to share,
Its all in the past now
Now we’ve gone our separate ways
You were a big part of me then
Didn’t know why it all had to end
We were crazy you and me
The paths our minds took
Was an adventure in itself
A journey that went beyond anything
We understood each other
More than anyone else could
I guess that’s why it had to end
Something so beautiful, to last, was never meant
Where else were we to go?
It was never right
Maybe it was me
You knew it all along
That I would come to love you
More that I should have
Thus where are we now?
Of course it’ll never be the same
You and me
If we ever meet again
We would know our smile meant something else
Funny how it was
We would have too much to talk about
There wasn’t enough time
Now we’re like strangers
With awkward smiles
And duck hugs
With nothing to say to each other
You, scared I’ll be that possessive person I was with you
Me, scared that you’re scared of me
If only I could tell you,
I was a kid back then
Thirsty for love
Any kind of love
It didn’t matter
I loved you too much I know
Something so beautiful
It only deserves to die.
You go on now,
Scaling the skies, catching the stars,
You were meant for bigger things,
Be happy with that smile,
that laugh I remember so well,,
I’m happy for you
Just hoping maybe one day
You wont fear me anymore
I now understand things I didn’t back then
Maybe one day we’ll meet each other
And the smile will be the one of yesteryear
With twinkles in the eye and wrinkles at the corner of our mouths
And we’ll talk about things past
It would all be of beautiful things
And maybe we could take that journey again
The one where our minds travel far and wide
But this time, I promise you,
I will never fall in love with you again.